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Posted on Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 at 11:40am CDT by fadb031c

Company: Red, White & Blue Paving Company/ Paving Service

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Good Afternoon,

I guess this is my last resort.... I hired Red, White & Blue Paving Company, Elliston, VA owned and operated by Larry and Shannon McDaniel to pave my driveway. This cost was estimated and paid out at $8000.00. Within 3 wks the paving was cracked, crumbling and falling apart! I even have GRASS growing in the middle of the pavement!! They refused to keep appointments to recheck the driveway and now have stopped taking our calls....

They are a licensed contractor in the state of VA, however they hold a Class C license and with dollar limit requirements of $7500.00 or less and we were charged $8000.00.

I have a warrant in debt pending however, they have continued the last two court appearances as- " medical continuances" and we don't expect Mr. McDaniel to fully recover from his ailment. Besides with attorneys fees, I am now in deficit of $10,000.00 (including the paving).

However, this company continues to perform paving projects within yards of my window and on my street! This is infuriating and definitely not fair in my opinion as we have worked and saved over the past 5 years (no family vacations, no projects, no fun) to save the money for this driveway and now we have been taken for a ride by a local contractor and company.

Is there anything that can be done to rectify this situation or to MAKE THEM respond and fix this shotty work? I will be placing signs in my yard to warn others in my neighborhood about being taken my their company, but I am concerned about how many people will be taken in before the word gets out!!


Dennis & Lisa

Shawsville, VA 24162


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18c761ac, 2008-12-29, 07:49PM CST

shannon is a real wacko

7c766ae3, 2009-08-22, 09:31AM CDT

haha,this is halarious,,my dad was sick with pneumonia ,leaving me his son shannon to drive a truck and try 2 b th jobs foreman ,everytime i came back with asphalt th guys were behind th building,,later in court depositions ,it was proven that mr hatcher had come outside and handed out marijuana cigarettes 2 th laborors and said"th boss aint here ,lets all get high,i can get u sum of this for 50 dollars a quarter,they all got fired ,and mr.hatchers bid 2 b there drugdealer ,who knows,,as far as his driveway ,we tried 2 go back and look at it,he cussed and acted crazy and wanted it all redun,,,no dice chump,there was about a10 foot area that needed atention ,i told him ,itll b a cold day in hell,yors truly,,shannon mcdaniel

b8779771, 2009-09-14, 08:33AM CDT

I hired them to level the gravel in my driveway. Their equipment blew a tire and remaind in my driveway for 5-6 days forcing us to park on the street and blocking the drive for home based busniess. I had to call Mr McCallister for updates and WAIT for his return calls. At last the equipmene was repaired and instead of taking 30 minutes to complete the project he loaded up the equipment and I have never seen again nor has he returned my calls.

Business Reply  Shannon M., 2015-03-21, 06:40PM CDT

This second person who I actually never talked to and must be another fruit loop didn't even make a deal with me to do and work is the scariest part of this so called complaint,,they should actually be ashamed;, maybe knowing I'd never allow my grader onto their driveway with nothing but railroad ballas down and no compaction stone,which will shred a rubber tire n an instant, waited til I left the job to go look at another in the neighborhood and flagged my then grading man Phillip Bowles who ended up being a bust in my company even though he is a skilled operator,, and made a deal with him that if he snuck over there and did a little grading work for them while I was gone,, that they would give him 50 bucks,, so I guess needing a rogue 50,, me Bowles proceeded onto their driveway,, AND OFCOURSE shredded a five hundred dollar bullfrog motortrader tire,,so I come back and I don't see my machine on the job that was actually contracted by me in the neighborhood,, it's down The hill on the other side of the street with a flat tire,, I asked what was up and could not f''ing believe it,; so after I had to special order a tire and 3 days later I finally got the grader back moving and they (whoever made this complaint )asked me if I would grade on their driveway and I said hell no,,and risk another 500. Tire,, I instructed my new operator off of their property and almost decided to sue their ass and Philip Bowles too for the price of the tire;,furthermore,,,,,,this was shady,, as well as the hatchers,,two pieces of garbage, ,if u calling red white and blue to get over on us ,,, don't call,, if u genuinely want a job well done, I'll be happy to help

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