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Posted on Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 at 7:45pm CDT by e8ef3ec9

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If you are contemplating buying a new refrigerator, please read this first:

Do not buy a General Electric refrigerator. What's wrong with it? Let me count the ways...I remodeled my kitchen

in 2001 - and bought all new appliances. I bought a GE refrigerator, a GE oven, a GE dishwasher and a GE

microwave oven called the Eterna Series.

While all other appliances seem to be functioning properly, my GE refrigerator has given me nothing but

problems. First thing that broke was the "Soda" shelf. It's not so much the shelf as it is the hinges for the

shelf...they seem to break off very easily. Next thing that went wrong was the "mother board"; at least,

that's what the repairman told me. That cost me $250 to get fixed. That happened 18 months after I bought

the refrigerator. Then after that, the hinges that hold the light on the "refrigerator side" broke; now my light

cover hangs askew. When my veggy & fruit tray started to give signs of 'giving up the ghost,' I called GE

to find out what the heck is going on with their product. After all, my grandparents always had GE appliances

in their home, so did my mom and dad. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me. All GE was

going to offer was to send me the parts for free (shipping had to be paid on my part,) but I had to pay the

GE-approved serviceman to fix it. (At $60.00 an hour, I said "Thanks, no thanks.)

Now, lo and behold, not even a year after the last complaint, the "mother board" is going bad again and I

have to get a new "mother board." At least this time, it's under a service contract. But still, I have to stay

home and miss a day of work - I'm indenpendent, so I don't get sick days or anything like that - so it's still

costing me money to get this darn GE refrigerator fixed.

I bought all these appliances in good faith - spent my hard-earned money on them - and well, I guess like

my father said - GE ain't what it used to be. We are having a new home built in N. Carolina, and I can

guarantee one thing: No GENERAL ELECTRIC appliance will enter that home. I am sickened by what's

happening to American Companies' work ethics/pride in this country, it seems that nobody cares...

Thank you for letting me vent.

Lynn Cantin

Hollywood, Florida



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9f8953c9, 2008-05-15, 05:17PM CDT

Hmmmmmm, Isn't that how it goes! I bought a GE eterna Refrigerator in 2000 and it has been the best refrigerator that I have ever owned. I let it go with the house when I sold the property and have purchased a nearly identical one for my new home. Purrrrrrfect.

Maybe you just got a lemon?

1e2d1599, 2008-06-04, 12:33PM CDT

I could not agree with you more! We purchased a GE Eterna series refrigerator in June 2003, as a new appliance in our new home. We bought GE because we thought it would be a good quality machine and it matched the other GE appliances in our kitchen. After about a year, the tubing to the cold water dispenser began freezing up. We checked on line and it seems a lot of owners had the same problem and it appears to be a design flaw. We spent hours following the steps to thaw the lines, only to have it freeze back up the next day. I contacted GE because the owners manual says the the tubing has a 5 year warranty. The representative said that she did not know about that,but they would happily send out a repairman for a $70 service call fee and I would then be responsible for parts and labor. I again told her that according to my owners manual, the tubing has a five year warranty. She said that I would still have to pay for the service call and the techincian may or may not determine that the problem is a warranty item. I told her that when the technician determines that it some how will not be under warranty, I would be spending $200- $300 dollars to fix the refriderator. I would rather put that money on a new one and it will not be a GE. She gave me the impression that she really did not care if I was happy or not. It is sad to see a great American company disregard its printed warranties and abandon their customers, being penny wise and dollar foolish. Like I stated earlier, for the most part, the GE appliances in my home have operated reliably. The only other issue I had has been my GE Spacesaver Microwave within the first 6 months need a new board. It has been ok since, but appearently GE cannot build a refrigerator. It appears that another American company is willing to walk away from their customer to let another company, probaly foreign, fill the gap. But, if they can build a better mousetrap, I willing to buy it.


Dave Miller

Spring Hill, TN

1e2d1599, 2008-09-21, 09:29PM CDT

Lemon or not, does not change the fact that GE chose to ignore the complaint and disregard the printed warranty in their user manuals. I guess I could file a complaint with my State Attorney General and hassle over it for the next several years. However, they know that most people just will not do that. It is easier to scrap it in a few years and buy a different brand.

Quite honestly, I find that speaking to potential consumers I see at appliance stores and such, is a much better way to express my displeasure. I do not know if I have caused any loss sales for GE or not, but I know several people have certainly given other brands a closer look.

I really do not care if it is a lemon or the best unit ever built. What concerns me as a consumer and supporter of American goods is the arrogance of GE and their Customer Service Department that I am so stupid to not be able to read and understand my owners manual, including the warranty statement. That I am foolish enough to agree to pay for a service call that is clearly a warranty item and a manufactured flaw.

I believe the real issue is this is a design flaw and they know it but it is economically prohibitive to make the necessary repairs to all the units out in the field. They therefore pretend that each unit that freezes up is the fault of the consumer who had the misfortune of believing in supposed GE quality and reliability. GE is not the GE your grandparents knew. This is why so many American companies are on the ropes and foreign companies find themselves able to compete and dominate in our marketplace. The American consumer may be loyal but they are not stupid and will fatigue with corporate apathy and poor quality.

e6949f8a, 2008-12-01, 05:24PM CST

HI, we also bought a GE refridgerator. Ours was from the profile series. Its just been 3 years and it quit working, the repairman had to replace the mother board, as you also say went in yours. We had to pay $315 to get it replaced, and he said he replaces multiple ones every week. General Electric would do nothing for me, and there is no guarantee it wont go again.

c4759d61, 2009-01-15, 01:10AM CST

I too own a GE refrigerator, Eterna series.

What a waste of money.

Since we got it, in jan/06 the fan in the freezer broke down and what happens next is in consequence of the fan not working.

The water line and the water tank froze. The tank cracked and started leaking water on the refrigerator side. The freezer never - NEVER - froze anything properly.

Than, because the fan stopped working, all the cold air from the freezer moved to the refrigerator side, which then, froze(yes, you read it right, FROZE)everything I had stored on the bottom portion of the fridge. from the vegetable drawer down, all frozen. I lost count how much food, greens and soda was spoiled in consequence of this. We have under warranty until 2009 but it's ridiculous we had to live with a refrigerator that never, not even once worked properly. They won't give us another one, and my fear is that once the warranty is over, we'll have to spend a great amount of $ to keep that piece of crap.

We grew tired of writing complaint letters and calling GE and the store that sold us the fridge. It's virtually impossible to get any satisfactory agreement with them, so, I leave here my complaint, to advise others not to trust a brand with such poor quality products and that doesn't give a rat's ass for it's customers.

c4759d61, 2009-02-16, 02:56PM CST


I commented on this a while ago, my comment is the one that starts with "I too own a GE refrigerator, Eterna series."

Sorry I didn't realized it wasn't signed with my name. Anyway, I'm here to give you an update on my issue. After several calls to the store and the place the sore hired to fix the fridge, a tech came to the house(the same guys that came the first 5 times) and he new my fridge pretty well by then. It has became kinda of a joke and a challenge for him. Thus time he looked at the circuit board located on the back of the fridge. He replaced it and everything works fine now. The fan on the freezer is working properly and freezer freezes for the first time since we got it back in 2006. The water tank cracked, again, but it's going to be replaced soon. I didn't have to pay a dime because we still have the extended warranty but I hope this is the last time I have to deal with this. Researching online I found out that GE was aware of all the issues with this model but they didn't do shit about it. If they tech knew why wasn't the circuit board replaced the first time he came??? As he told me, he knew it could be the circuit board all along but he is trained to fix the "easy stuff" first because of the cost of the circuit board. Afff, I'm so fed up with this company! No other GE appliance will ever enter my home, ever again! And I'm making sure to spread the word about their terrible costumer relations.


5c2e8021, 2009-07-05, 11:44AM CDT

I too, bought the GE refrigerator Eterna series and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. My complaint seems rather minor by comparison, but if you pay extra for an ice maker, it ought to work. Mine worked OK for a while, never that great, and now it hasn't worked for over a year. When the ice drawer is removed, you can see a unit behind it which is held in place by two screws. Since the unit turns the ice screw it seems literally designed to loosen the screws during normal use, and since I first discovered one screw missing and the unit dangling, I have tightened or replaced the screws a dozen times. Whether or not this is related to the ice maker not working, I don't know. It seemed to gradually make less and less ice, until it completely stopped making ice.

3c962d1b, 2009-07-13, 11:00AM CDT




4d4d4702, 2009-09-30, 12:36PM CDT

Wish I had read these before purchasing our GE Products. There seems to be a common thread with the GE Eterna Series and their mother boards. I too, remodled our Kitchen and purchased all GE Eterna products in 2008. Sure enough, 18 months later, the electronics are not working on our refrigerator including the ice and water dispenser. Sounds like another 250-375 cost to repair the mother board. Be safe with your purchase and spend a little more for a better product from a competitor or you'll end up paying more in the long run. These are the last GE products we will purchase.

c7db69c5, 2011-02-03, 06:17PM CST

Every single complaint listed is due to misuse of the refrigerator. YOU wrecked the soda shelf, YOU wrecked the hinges on the light. They didn't just fall off. In the future, read your manual to determine maximum tolerances.

Motherboards go bad on GE refrigerators for one reason and one reason only when it's not age related: overheating due to lack of ventilation (which is coincidentally the primary cause of premature motherboard failure on computers as well.... hmmm... funny how that works, eh?). Had it happen with mine three years ago but I was intuitive enough to ask questions because I wanted to make sure it never happened again.

You can't have your fridge pressed up all the way against a wall with no ventilation to the left or right of it and for the love of Pete, clean the dust from behind the thing every couple of months. It's on wheels... it's not that hard to move.

BTW... the complaints about the ice maker... MOTHERBOARD. Simply because none of you people read the owner's manual regarding proper care and maintenance of your refrigerator does not mean that there's anything wrong with the unit or that there are "design flaws."

It's also not GE's fault that the technicians that their Authorized Service Companies hire are nothing more than part-changers but I will concede that they should try to clean that up.

But seriously, take a little responsibility for maintaining your appliances. Choose to be informed before spouting off.

BTW, I hate GE products in general. the only reason I bought the Fridge is because it was only one at Costco 5 years ago that had ice/water was white and in my price range but even though my mobo burned up, I can't say anything bad about it because IT WAS MY FAULT.

064bf4b2, 2011-05-22, 06:33PM CDT

Please dont listen to the dumb idiot who posted the nasty comment. I spent $1500 on my Ge refridge. That's a lot of money for a single mom. I had wanted a good refridgerator to last awhile. I dumb either I dust my unit and its not against the wall. I have had nothing but problems They delivered it and it apparently had no freon in it. I called GE and 5 days later they showed up to repair it. They had no idea what happened to the freon and they said that it was definately shipped without any because they found no leaks and no freon residue at all in the whole system. Who the F works at GE??? It was inspected by 12 people according to their stickers. How could you send a fridge out of the factory with out any cold air? Then 7 months later the motherboard went out & I was told this happens on my model all the time.So much so that he had several spare motherboards on the truck. He fixed it and 15 months later it went out again. Now after owing this fridge for only 3 1/2 years the baffle air flow motor is out and the fridge doesn't cool properly. After checking online this is another defect that happens often. Whatever happened to ge quality. my dads old GE fridge from the 70's is still running & is in better shape than mine after 40 years. I will never buy a ge appliance again and for the feb 3 commentor I read the manual the day it came home and I take great pride in taking care of my stuff since money is so hard to come by. My ge fridge was just a piece of crap period. All have been strictly manufacture's defect and nothing to misuse.

erika h., 2012-10-10, 10:30PM CDT

In 2006 I purchased a new GE Eterna Series Refrigerator and Cooking Range.

I was very pleased and thought that GE was a good quality product. I soon had several problems with the stove and oven and had several repair visits while they were under extended warranty, which I purchased at extra cost.

The stove was never installed completely, and the end caps that I've been told by several repair techs are very necessary and dangerous not to have, never arrived.

This refrigerator was a non-stop mess. First the shelves failed, and the repair techs ordered more. THREE times, GE sent me shelves for the WRONG refrigerator model. So, I gave up.

In rapid succession, the shelves, ice maker, sensors, motherboard, and the motor all failed. Finally, this week after six years I've declared it a TOTAL LOSS. I'm not putting another dime into this money-pit. I've seen from bloggers on-line GE didn't even want to stand behind this poorly designed model and ceased producing it.

This is what I get for buying American made products.

d8466ea6, 2015-04-14, 03:57PM CDT

We have the profile series and it has been repaired 3 times.

It is the worst Refrigerator I have ever bought in my 37 years. I had a Whirlpool that is still going and we sold the house in 2009. I bought this one new in 2007.

NEVER EVER will I spend my hard earned money on GE.

CRAP is what they are..

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