E-Bay's questionable policy on seller postings

Posted on Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 at 9:33am CDT by 97bdcd59

Company: E-Bay's questionable policy on seller postings

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Buying and Finding > Bidding and buying > Changing or retracting your bid

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Message: I placed a bid on this item only to be informed it was below their required minimum. Why is it allowed for them to set the bid lower then force me to place a higher bid than I wanted for an item? You said it's in your ppolicy for seller's but I feel that is FRAUD!! The minimum acceptable bid should be the minimum the seller is willing to acept. I do not want my retraction to reflect or even be shown on my account. I have chosen to place a bid with a different seller that does not have the FRAUD guarantee built in to their Ebay contract! Why Ebay would even condone such an act is questioning my judgment on ever placing another bid with ebay"

I sent this message to Ebay's customer Service and am awaiting a response. I still feel this is supporting a pattern of consumer fraud. Is this company being investigated by Washington State for allowing a practice of this nature?




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