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Posted on Saturday, May 26th, 2007 at 8:54am CDT by 62e90052

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On April 24, 2007, I called Teleflora and ordered some tulips for my secretary for Secretary's Day (April 25). On April 25, I waited and waited all morning for the delivery of the flowers, but none arrived. I was getting anxious as the afternoon wore on and still there was no floral delivery. Finally, at approximately 2:45 that afternoon, Teleflora called and advised me that they were unable to find a florist in Baltimore who could deliver the flowers to my secretary that day. I found this very hard to believe, since our office is located in the downtown business district of a very large urban area. I was upset because I could have made alternate arrangements for flowers if Teleflora had called me even before noon that day and told me of this problem. Teleflora offered me an "upgrade" of the arrangement at no cost if I was still interested in having them deliver the flowers the next day (apparently, they had found a florist late that afternoon who could deliver the next day -- the day after Secretary's Day). So, I agreed to the no-cost upgrade and delivery the following day. While the flowers were delivered the day after Secretary's Day, they were not upgraded and in fact, the wrong arrangement was delivered. I called Teleflora to complain and ask for my money back. Teleflora agreed to refund my money. However, when I received my credit card statement three weeks later, I noticed that the refund was never made. So, I called Teleflora to again ask for my money back. The supervisor I spoke with was very difficult and clearly did not want to refund the money as promised. He did agree to the refund simply because it was promised to me by the supervisor I spoke with right after the (wrong) flowers were delivered. When I subsequently checked on the status of the refund, I noticed that it eventually was made, although for an amount less than the amount I paid.

I am very displeased with Teleflora's customer service as well as their floral delivery service. I will not use them again -- it is not worth the disappointment and aggravation.

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f7651908, 2007-12-29, 12:03PM CST

You should probably be sure to say you don't want any subs on your order and the situation would have been avoided. And for a big holiday it's always best to order as early as possible the previous week to make sure teleflora can find a florist that carries what you want and can deliver for the busy holiday season. I've never had any problems ordering through teleflora, I find their staff to be very nice and helpful and the only time I've spoken with a supervisor she was more than willing to resolve the issue to my satisfaction.

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