DRS agarwal Movers and packers should be banned

Posted on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 at 3:49am CDT by 2310e2e8

Company: DRS agarwal Movers and packers should be banned

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This is regarding my case of transporting my house hold luggage from Delhi to Kolkata by DRS Agrawal Movers & Packers.

Basically I want to share with you my worst Nightmare and horrible experience with DRS Agarwal Movers & Packers.

My luggage was suppose to move from Delhi on 6th May and should reach at Kolkata by 167th may 07 , as decided by me and the representative of DRS Agarwal Movers and Packers (Mr. Balbir).

It was also decided that this is a door to door delivery and my luggage will be transported in a single big container.

Here in Kolkata I got the call from Mr. Patel on 15th May 07 that My luggage is arrived and he will deliver the same by 16th May 07 morning.

Again on 16th morning he called me saying that he will deliver the luggage by afternoon , again in the afternoon he called and told me that because of rain he is able to load my material and will transport the same by night 8.00PM. Again by 6.00PM , he called and told me that material can be reach only by 11.00PM afterwards.

In that case I asked him to transport the material on next day morning.

Next day morning by 9.00AM I saw to small trucks were there containing my all luggage.

And when they started unloading the material I saw many cartoon boxes were damage , cloths were coming out of the boxes in which they were packed at Delhi.

And when they unpacked my furniture I found maximum of them were broken and all were scratched very badly.

The way they broke my Bed , Sofa , Chairs and other so many furniture and Glass items , It seems they literally played football with the same.

Even the bucket which was packed in the cartoon was teared and damaged completely.

After that when I open my Computer , Micro Oven , Washing machine and Mixer , I found all of them were physically damage and they are not operable any more.

After a long chase by different persons from DRS , one person (Pawan) came to home for the survey in the 16th Night and after next day there was no response from DRS , till 20th May.

On 20th may Mr. Patel came again for the survey and told very bluntly that if I want to settle the damage as per the Insurance declaration is fine , otherwise he is going back ,and I can do what I want to do , he don't care at all. He was using bad language and was not ready to cooperate at all. Even i asked for the person to whom should we speak for the further clarification , he told us very rudely that he don't know the name and any phone number of any senior person.

In the settlement he told me that what ever value I declared in the insurance coverage , that amount he will pay , and he will take that material with him.

For eg If I had declared the insurance value of a Micro wave oven as Rs 1500 , he wil pay me Rs 1500 and will take away the Micro Wave oven with himself.

These are the few things which I am able to write , apart from that I had received such a bad communication from DRS which I can't imagine even.

Every I call there I have been provided by a new number to talk , even some time people cut the phones or they simply switch off there mobile phone.

Here by I request all that before going to this packer , one should think twice.

It is now almost a week , still my claim is not settled above , that they are not coming to my home for the survey.

Dipankar Sir : I request you to make sure that this movers should be black listed from Airtel world.

Thanks& Regards

Abhishake Garg


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