Posted on Monday, May 21st, 2007 at 12:38pm CDT by 89fbc03c

Company: US BANK

Category: Other


425 Walnut Street

Cincinnati, OH 45201-1038

My account at US Bank is a direct deposit account. The balance went low, and before I could put a cash deposit in it went to a negative amount under $3; so I deposited a cash amount of $100. The cash deposit was held as "pending". I realize they do this with checks but cash should be immediately added; when I emailed them with that question they did not have a valid answer. I also included the situation in the email, as the account was then charged four times, with varying amounts over $31 for overdrafts. The online statement I receive from Internet Banking with them only shows that there were charges pending when I made the cash deposit of $100. I emailed them a copy of that statement to point out, those charges were added from "pending" to an applied balance before the CASH deposit was considered. In other words I rushed down to the bank when I saw it was going to a negative balance, deposited $100, and the consequences proved my actions were for nothing. However, they would not consider crediting the amounts back to my account when I told them about the $100 cash. This was not the first time US Bank had a sequential error when it came to a fee with my account. It's just the previous time they refunded the fees back into my account. Their responses sent to me with amounts are in conflict with the my statement; I sent them it through email to clarify. The timing I made deposits and charges on my account with my statement do not show the same. I did some research and found former employees telling of these kind of practices, and other similar complaints. I can gladly submit to you my own statements, unaltered, received from online banking...and...the websites of those whom have major complaints about US Bank.


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