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Posted on Wednesday, May 16th, 2007 at 1:25pm CDT by 35ce1b40

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Mobile Solutions, Chesapeake Square Mall, VA

I signed up with TMobile through Mobile Solution’s kiosk, purchasing their buyer protection plan for $80 that supposedly covered theft and/or damage to the phone. First, the salesman misinformed me and told me mobile-to-mobile minutes were included in the Family MyFaves plan – which wasn’t true. As a result, my first bill was over $1,000. I spent two months resolving that issue both through TMobile and the dealer.

After that mess, I lost my phone. I thought the buyer protection plan I purchased earlier would ease any difficulties, but again, the run around. Even after filing a lost/stolen report at the local precinct, I was unable to get an answer as to how and when I could get a new phone. The salesmen were absolutely useless when it came to resolving an issue unrelated to making a sale.

I called TMobile and filed a complaint. I don’t know what happened on that end, and honestly, have stopped bothering.

So that’s my story and experience with Mobile Solutions, in a nutshell.

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d624623f, 2007-11-14, 11:35AM CST

I understand how and why this happened to you. Right now, I am currently employed by a Mobile Solution store in the DC ares. The turnover rate is extremely high as far as employees. We train for 3 days and are out on the floor. The trainer who I had was great! My class and I came out with a lot more knowledge than the people who had been there for a year or more. I have spent my time there fixing other people's mistakes. Instead of asking management if they don't know, they take the matter into their own hands. I have seen, however, some managers who don't know the answer themselves and will do/say anything to sell a phone. I'm sorry about your problem with Mobile Solution and wish you the best.

51088560, 2008-12-02, 01:25PM CST

I bought two razor phones through a t-mobile mobile solution kiosk in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City, and I,too, purchased the $80 theft/damage protection for both phones. Recently my eight-month old daughter damaged one of the phone by dropping it in water, when I went to the kiosk I bought the phones at I was suprised to find them no longer there and T-mobile says I have no insurance plan on either of the phones. Honestly, I've not had any real problems with the service, but to find out that I paid good money for a service that I apparently don't have is exteremly upset about the whole ordeal. Currently, I'm trying to find their corporate office and see what I can do about it...

2ab7f1d7, 2009-07-01, 06:03PM CDT

I had a bad experience with a Mobile Solutions Kiosk in the Florence Mall in Kentucky as well. I bought two phones in April from them that had a $50 rebate on each phone. I sent in the rebate form and received letters back saying that without an unlimited texting package, my rebates could not be processed. This was not the way the deal was presented to me. They also sold me a car charger that doesn't work. Tmobile apparently bought out the store and credited me $50, but that only covers one phone and I still paid $20 for a car charger that doesn't work. I think if a store is allowed to sell phones for Tmobile and activate accounts, Tmobile should cover them if they screw up. Tmobile reaps the benefits from having these kiosks and accepts zero responsibility when the consumer does not receive what is sold to them.

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