Posted on Wednesday, May 16th, 2007 at 5:13pm CDT by d550815e

Company: 1-800-Flowers

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Please see the email that was forwarded to 1-800-Flowers:

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the worst experiences with your customer service personnel. I was asked by my boss to have a flower arrangement sent to one of his assistants who had just delivered a baby. I have always wanted to try out your services so I placed an order online. The service was placed for next day delivery by 7pm. This would have worked out perfectly. However, we were contacted by the recipient just this morning and she told us that she going to be discharged from the hospital a day earlier. Upon hearing this, I contacted customer service. One of the first customer service reps told me that early this morning the florist contacted the hospital to make sure that the recipient was going to still be there to receive the delivery. The hospital told the florist that she was to be discharged unexpectedly early today. The florist then made arrangements to have the order dropped off early (which, at first impressed me). I felt better after hearing this and had full faith that the flowers would be delivered before the recipient was to be discharged. About an hour before the recipient was due to leave, I was told that she had not received her flowers. I then gave customer service another call. I got in touch with one of the rudest ladies I have ever spoken to. She didn't listen to anything I had to say and continued to make me feel dim-witted. She told me that upon ordering the flowers I should have noticed that they have until 7pm to complete the order. I continued to tell her that I understood the regulations, but now that the recipient was not going to be at the hospital, what steps could be made to ensure that she received her arrangement. She ran me in circles. When I asked her to see if she could track the order the lady couldn't tell me if the flowers were delivered, only that they have been on the truck since 9am and the delivery guy had since been back to the shop, so (in her opinion) that meant that they must have been delivered to the recipient. What made matters worse was that she told me to have someone within our office go to the hospital themselves to pick up the flowers that may or may not be there. This made me even more upset. I had been in contact with the recipient all day to see if she had received them and she never did. She then asked me what I wanted her to do with our order. I asked her for her suggestions, since I do not work for 1-800-flowers. She said that if she is not at the hospital upon delivery, the flowers would be returned to the florist, then they could be redirected to her home address and if that be okay. I told her it didn't seem like I had much of a choice. Then she proceeded to tell me that it wouldn't do any good if her zip code was different than that of the florist because they wouldn't deliver outside of their area. She again asked me what I wanted to do. If I knew the complete rules and regulations of the company, I am sure I could have provided her with better instructions. However, I am simply a customer. I came to customer service for assistance, and instead received a migraine. Needless to say, the “surprise” of a freshly delivered arrangement was ruined. So in the end, customer service was able to have the arrangement (which had been sitting in the truck since 9am this morning) redelivered to the recipient’s house by 7pm. I can not fully explain the frustration that I have had with your services. Without a doubt, I will not be a repeat customer and I will be sure to relay my experience with friends and family.


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