Dresser - $1000.00 dresser

Posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 at 10:06pm CDT by 4610ec63

Company: Dresser

Category: Other

Towneast location, i filed a claim to have my dresser repaired due to nail polish remover spill which was under warranty, and was clearly printed in the black and white that the furniture would be covered if nail polish remover was wasted or damage the furniture. I filed several reports following the proper steps, after be told that it will not be repaired because it was not used for normal uses.....go figure...what was i using it for..i spoke to managers ,president and ceo but they did nothing aboutt...so word to the wise...everything that looks pretty is not worth that pretty penny!!!!! Any not only one will not shop there any more a know serveral others that will not show there any more.


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