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D & J Appliance

2100 Emery Ave.

La Habra, CA 90631

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My Frigidaire side by side fridge freezer went on the blink on Monday night, May 7th, 2007. So on Tuesday Morning, I called Best Buy, where I purchased the product 8 months before. I had a factory warranty.

Best Buy said they could not get anyone out to my apartment until the next day, even though I explained to them that my food was going bad and I have 2 small children, one who is a baby and his milk was going to be no use. So they gave me the number to Frigidaire.

Well, Frigidaire seems to have hopped on the band wagon of taking away American jobs, because when I called them, my call was rerouted to India. After repeating my situation no less than three times to the ‘customer service representative’ and being told that they could have someone come out and look at it the next day, I explained my situation one last time before I was given the numbers to local vendors assigned to my area that are authorized repair shops.

So I called one, and they said they wouldn’t service my area, even though Frigidaire assured me they would and they are listed on Frigidaire’s website as been a local vendor.

Then I made the call that would send this situation spiraling out of control, even though at first it seemed like these people were great. I called D & J Appliance in La Habra. After explaining my situation yet again, but for the first time to D & J, they also gave me the ‘tomorrow’ scenario. I told them that would be unacceptable. They then said they would get someone out that day, to my delight. I was very grateful on the phone and was excited to get home and have my house back to normal.

My wife and I got home and the fridge freezer was still not working.

I called the next day and D & J acted like they fixed, but have yet to produce the work order from that day. I do believe someone stopped by the apartment, but I don’t believe they fixed the fridge. I also have evidence that my home computer was used during that day as some programs were left open when I got home and a different user name that we never use was logged in.

So they told me they would order the part needed, a generator and it would be there the next day, this would be the Thursday.

Thursday came and in the afternoon, I decided to call to see if the fridge had been fixed. They then told me the parts never arrived, but I guess they felt that information was irrelevant to me.

Friday came and the parts still had not arrived, which I only found out due to me calling them. I called Frigidaire, who were a little disappointed in D & J and said they would overnight the parts, but it looked like the parts were now on order to be delivered to D & J.

At this point, I was angry and upset at the situation. Since Monday evening, my family had been without a fridge. We lost over $300 worth of food and the cost of eating out was mounting up, for us (we’re not rich). If it was just my wife and I, then I may not have been so pissed, but since we have kids, it is a lot worse.

So Monday comes and the parts never arrived, they were not put in the shipment I was told. So I was promised by the ‘manager’, Brisa, that the parts would be on her dock in the morning, Tuesday May 15th, and she would deliver the parts to the apartment herself and have a tech meet her there and have it fixed. She even had a tracking number, so she said, and tracked the package. It was going to be there in the morning!

Tuesday comes and I call at 3pm to make sure everything went smoothly so I could do a grocery run on the way home from work. NO PARTS. First I was told they just got there and then they quickly changed their minds and they never shipped. I was irate.

So then they left a message at my work, for a co-worker to tell me the parts are not there and they will do it tomorrow. This time it wasn’t a promise, but a guarantee. Well, we’ll see.

Either way, I strongly recommend you never buy a Frigidaire appliance or if you have a product needing repair, you never, ever use these people who couldn’t care less, D & J Appliance of La Habra. Steer clear, they are full of false promises and disregard.

Pete Doyle


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