Earthlink service has gotten progrressively worse

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2007 at 11:44am CDT by 1ad74b7f

Company: Earthlink service has gotten progrressively worse

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I have used Earthlink as my Internet provider for almost ten years and, before that I was a "happy" Mindspring customer. When Earthlink took over Mindspring, I was satisfied with Earthlink's service for a while, but it became more and more difficult to connect with customer service and to get real help when I finally did. However, in 2006, I decided to try Earthlink's new home phone service, which was to be linked with my Internet service for the same cost as the IP alone. When the time came for my phone service to be installed, my other phone service was disconnected, but the new one did not work for nearly two weeks. I complained a lot and eventually received a month's free service.

However, when the phone service was finally connected, it was much inferior to my previous phone service. There were many noises in the background of conversations, sometimes even including music. Our callers' voices often sounded muted or off in the distance, even though they sounded normal on other phones. When I complained, I was just told to disconnect the "filters" that came with the system and then reconnect them, or vice-versa. The quality of the service never improved.

After six months of poor service, I decided to change to Comcast broadband for my IP and for my home phone. (I already have it for cable TV.) Earthlink is insisting on charging me a $149.95 leaving fee because I did not have the batched service for a full year. I have protested over the phone and via live chat that I was an Earthlink user for over 10 years, and that the phone service was never satisfactory. All I got from this was a month's free Internet service while I sort it out.

My housemate is disabled and being without decent phone service has been a hardship, so she wrote directly to Earthlink headquarters protesting the $149.95 fee, given that the service was so poor. We have not heard back from this April 23, 2007 letter.

I recently heard a radio ad for Earthlink that said a survey showed they had the best customer service. I suspect that this survey is a very old one because the service is very poor, and customers are treated very unfairly.


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