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Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2007 at 6:02pm CDT by Carol W.

Company: Dish Network (SBC,AT&T)

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This complaint is regarding the poor service from Dish Network and specifically the poor business practices of its Management:

Charles W. Ergen: Founder, Chairman, and CEO: Steven Schaver: President of EchoStar International ; Mark Jackson: President of EchoStar Technologies Corporation; James DeFranco: Executive Vice President; David Moskowitz: Executive Vice President and General Counsel; Michael Kelly: Executive Vice President, Dish Network Service, L.L.C. & Dish Network Customer Service; Nolan Daines: Executive Vice President of Information Technology and Broadband; David J. Rayner: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and

Customer Service for Dish Network,

Parent Company Echostar Satellite LLC

PO Box 9040 Littleton, CO 80120

I am writing this to express my outrage at how poor Dish Network – Ecostar Satellite is in customer service and in employee training. I have never before contacted an attorney regarding ANYTHING. I have been pushed to my limit and will be filing suit by the end of next week (5-25-2007).

My dissatisfaction with Dish Network goes way back. Over a year ago I was told that my installation was to include HD. When the installers came out, they had no HD equipment. I never did get the service I was initially promised.

On 5/10/2007 I spoke with Miguel (V2G) about quitting my service due to satellite failures, reception issues,etc. He convinced me to stay on, took my credit card number and placed the order.

I was told to be home 5/13/2007 from 8 – noon to wait for the technician.

Having had very poor experience with Dish Network in the past, I called to confirm and spoke with Amy (V58). She assured me that I could have 2 HD Receivers w/DVR and a standard digital receiver with no DVR. I was told by Miguel that he couldn't do that, but then my surround sound advisor told me to recheck, that he was sure I could get that service. He stated he has one Dishnetwork client who has 3 DVR HD receivers! I asked Amy if she would be working Sunday morning when the installers came to confirm that she had the order correct. She said sure. On Sunday, supervisor Joe (B74) said she wasn't there and that all she had documented on the order was an equipment change. I said: "Oh - to 2 HD-DVR receivers?" His response was no... that everyone who worked there knew that was impossible. He wouldn't tell me what equipment change she had made.

I missed a trip on Mother’s Day sitting here waiting for the tech. Finally at noon (5-13-2007) he showed up, but only had a service order.

Dish Network dropped the ball AGAIN.

After 15 minutes on hold I finally reached Supervisor Joe (B74) who basically said “tough.” After several conflicting stories, and no offer of any compensation for the lost time, effort, etc. he told me I couldn’t be rescheduled for several days. He told me they didn't send out equipment because the credit card number was not processed by Miguel. When I said I had proof via my PrivacyGuard monitoring service that the card had been checked, he changed his story. I have more documentation of his say anything approach, but I'm too riled up to even put it into words right now.

I have craftsmen here today to finish off the tv cabinetry, which wasn't supposed to be built until after the install. I already took the day off work.

I’m furious and the fact that no one seems to give a darn is exasperating.

I will be mailing copies of this to anyone who will listen. This is no way to do business.

I don't expect anyone from Dish Network to get back to me, as the say anything (truth or lie) to get the customer off the phone is the protocol I've learned to expect from them.


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428d3b6e, 2008-07-15, 06:38PM CDT

I know this complaint was from last year and I'm not sure if the comments are something everyone sees, but I thought I would try anyways. I googled Echostar satellite(today looking for info on them and found this) because I had thought of going through their satellite, but after talking to a guy who wouldn't give me any straight answers and just sounded creepy, I decided not to. Although that was after I had already gave him my info and SS(stupid, I know). So ever since then I've just had a weird feeling about it and that this certain company is corupt/all about the money.

Anyways, the reason for the comment was I wanted to state that these companies are not dish network but dealers/retailers of dish network. If you google Dish Network or go to Squidoo they explain it well that there are only a certain number of qualified companies that retail satellite and Dish Network stuff. There are a bunch of companies that say they do, that may have the equipment, but are scammers and are not to be trusted. So, from what I have learned is that it's not really Dish Network that is causing the problems and basically stealing money, but these other so called retailers of Dish Network. I ended up choosing a company I found online called AllSat and had GREAT customer service and experiences so far. AllSat is also supposed to be the leader in customer service and satisfaction. Also, what I pay is a great price for the 250+ channels I get. So I just wanted to say that it's not specifically Dish Network and there are good experiences through the right company. I'm still going to do some more research on the shady company because of the letter I received today and the fact that a guy named Helmut, who works for them, took a lot of personal info from me. So beware and do your homework well before you make a decision;)

cd974786, 2012-06-26, 05:39AM CDT


julie, 2012-08-28, 10:32AM CDT

Dish Network is a joke. I cancelled dish because the boxes kept heating up. They were so hot I could bearly touch them. According to the display that comes up on the t.v. when the box heats up it said they were 129 degrees f. I had to prop the boxes up on little fans to keep them cool enough for my kids to watch tv. That is a bunch of crap I reported it for over 3 months and they sent me 1 box for me to install it. I am not an employee so why should I have to do their job. Not to mention it is a fire hazard. When I called I told them both boxes were heating up and that I proped them up on fans cause the only place I had to put them was on wooden structures and the tv wouldnt come on. So if anyone is thinking about getting dish just make sure your fire insurance is kept up to date.

Anne S., 2013-06-16, 01:43PM CDT

I am very disappointed that I switched from Directv to Dish Network. How gratified I am that I came to this site because I see another complaint identical to mine. These boxes are so hot that I have to unplug them overnight and, of course, if I go out of town. Speaking of which, I visited a friend who has had Dish Network for years and I felt her cold. So, congratulations Dish Network on your LOUSY new technology. Her boxes update in the middle of the night and they DO NOT overheat. I have had 3 technicians come to the house to replace them (all for naught..the new ones are as hot as the previous), and they look at me as if I have 3 heads. I've been told that the previous guy didn't change something in the "oh that's not that hot; I've felt hotter". Those comments are staggering in their ignorance. Plus it took 4 customer service reps to get my bill correct. Kept overcharging me and I've only been a customer for a little over 3 months. I told them "this is your own promotion...aren't you aware of what you offer?" I am unsure what I will do as I was disgusted with Directv's customer service as well. It's why I switched after being with them for 11 years (I'd had it...finally).

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