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Posted on Friday, May 11th, 2007 at 11:57am CDT by 8babe7ad

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AARP Delta Dental Insurance

Box 2059

Mechanicsburg Pa 17055-2059


Since enrolling in this plan about 18 months ago, I have been having

problems receiving premium notices on time. I once received a

premium notice after the due date, and another time, very shortly

before the due date. I feel I must carry a credit balance because of

AARP Delta Dental's unreliability. I tried contacting them via e-

mail and getting a response so that I would have documentation, but

the company does not give AARP subscribers the option. If I want

written documentation, I'll have to go to the expense of sending a

certified letter with signed proof of receipt of my complaint.

I moved about a month ago. I informed AARP Delta Dental of my change

of address. About five days ago I heard from the residents of my

former address that AARP Delta Dental had mailed my premium notice,

printed with my former address, TO my former address. Fortunately,

as I said, I maintain a credit balance, so I'm not in danger of

losing coverage.

I called AARP Delta Dental on May 7 to complain about the problem. I

spoke to a customer service representative named "Christina". She

insisted that they have on record my new address. When I asked her

what explanation she could give me for their sending my premium

notice to my former address, she had no answer. As I've said, the

only way to document in writing that I've contacted them about this--

and still received no assurance that future mailings will go to my

correct, current address--is to send a certified letter and get a


P. Quin



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