Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2007 at 11:45pm CDT by 63908e96

Company: warrantybynet.com

Category: Other

Having lots of problems getting warrantybynet to approve claims - and, they find ways to exclude covering diagnostics by saying it's not listed in their books or that a diagnostic wasn't necessary (even if their approved shop does one), they refuse to pay actual costs of parts by finding cheaper parts elsewhere (usually internet places far away which would delay the repair unnecessarily), refusing to pay actual labor rates charged even when using their approved shops and claiming that local averages are less than what mechanic is charging (which they can't prove).... must use their mechanics and if their mechanics can't fix the problem, you need to go to a dealer to get it diagnosed, but after you get a diagnostic done, you can't bring it back to their mechanic with someone else's diagnostics as their shop won't accept it (runaround). Even refused to pay sales tax which is stated in the contract. bottom line, if they choose to cover a repair, they may only cover roughly 10- 20% of covered parts and that's only after some discussion back and forth -----don't recommend them at all! And, you won't necessarily get new or original parts the way the contract is written...they reserve the right to supply similar or remanufactured parts (had rebuilt transmission put in and theier approved shop wouldn't give a warranty) and they interpret the contract's language in their favor to refuse paying for repairs. !!! they stopped paying the mechanic as stated in the contract (and didn't advise contract holder) I had to to pay outright and hope to get reimbursed. Spent $600 in repair listed in my contract, and they only approved $150. I consistently pay out-of-pocket for covered repairs. The 24 hour emergency service in the contract is separate from and NOT part of warrantybynet and therefore any place they tow your car to is not necessarily approved by warrantybynet.



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