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Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2007 at 1:41am CDT by d65c3baa

Company: HDFC BANK / Change of address

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Dear All,

With full of frustration I am writing this complaint. If anyone can help me please give the appropriate person call number because the phone bankers are again delaying to look at the complaint. The issue is as follows

1. I have given the request to change the address by April 26 2007.

2. I went and enquired whether the address is modified by April 30 2007 and got it informed tat they will change the address by May 3rd or May 4th

3.Then again i went and enquired on May 4th and got informed tat they didnt update the address.

5. I fought with the guy like a manager and got the DD's to apply for my visa and the bank statement for 6 months on May 4th

6. But inspite of all my strugle the statement given was with the old address and hence my visa was returned from the visa agent on May 9th

7. On May 10 I again went to them to get the new statement with my new address but now the concerned person is saying tat the address is not yet modified as he thinks tat the form may be lost and he asked to give the new form. With full of frustrations I walked out of the place.

I am in full frustration. As a customer how can we handle such a humilating and irresponsible activity from an organisation like HDFC. I have to bear the loss of getting back my visa and after affects of tat.

Please some one shower me light on how to handle such activities




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cb0b4208, 2008-11-09, 10:40AM CST

So true, HDFC work culture is even pathetic than government banks. No one there cares for customer. 1001 rules and guidelines will welcome you in HDFC which will work like obstacles in completing even your smallest request. Go to this counter, Go to that counter. its All rubbish. I hate this bank. No Professionalism. on Customer care rarely anyone picks phone on sat and sundays. Full- fledged FLOP banking services.

399fea00, 2010-04-08, 03:09AM CDT

One of the worst customer service they have.

0f68e879, 2010-11-30, 03:18PM CST

HDFC should have an online option to change the address for all account types. This is very very important in the changing world of modernization

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