TW Lewis - Zero Customer Service and Problem Windows

Posted on Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 at 11:47pm CDT by Anonymous

Company: TW Lewis - Zero Customer Service and Problem Windows

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TW Lewis homebuilder, Arizona.

My home was built in 2001. Since November 2001, I have been experiencing ongoing problems with my windows, both functionally and visually.

Visually, they have vinyl trim and the trim "melts" -- causing it to buckle and fall off. It is unsightly. Atrium Windows (TWL's sub) does not stand behind their product. TWL does not stand behind their product. Though they have replaced it in the past, it has to get to screaming on my end before they even come out to my house to look because the house is out of warranty. Sure, I understand that. BUT, the problem has been "fixed" with the same defective vinyl strip that TWL had installed here to begin with, and it melts and falls off throughout each year. Here I stand in 2007, with trim falling off that they replaced Sept. 2006, and they said to me, "hasn't this been going on a little long?"

If they are tired of me, why don't they put in something that lasts longer than 6 months? Now, with this unsightly buckling trim remaining in my home, they are claiming they will not fix it anymore.

They have my money already, so what do they care?

Even worse, I have 13 windows that slide open vertically. These windows have tension rods in the side of the frames, and the tension seems to change with the seasons. They are not consistent with the hot and cold, and at the change of weather, sometimes they break, causing a loud alarming sound.

Once this happens, the windows will NOT open. A repair person has to come out, replace the tension rod, and then the window works again. Until the next change of season.

I had these fixed (again) last June.... and here we are now approaching summer again (May 1, 2007), and on a morning where there was still a bit of cool air, I attempted to open some windows, and found that yet again, the same problem is occuring. TWLewis had the nerve to say to me, "could this be operator error?"

I'm sorry, but someone who can afford a $1.2 million dollar home certainly is smart enough to know how to "properly" open a window. I don't know how tricky or complicated they think it is, but I don't even see room for operator error. I find his comments insulting, and thus, they have decided not to fix the problem(s) anymore, because of my attitude. Did he expect I was going to send him flowers in exchange for his insult?

I have had the worst possible home-buying experience with TW Lewis from day one, and still six years later, cannot get a problem fixed.


Scottsdale, AZ


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