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Homes by Whittaker in Ocala, Florida / home builder

We had our home built by Homes by Whittaker after visiting the model home in High Springs, Florida. We signed our contract in early November and construction began Feb 2, 2005 with a verbal completion date of June 2005 given. I can agree with the other complaints listed on this builder exept I have a few to add:

1) Builder continously sent us his own itemized bills for overages from subs (ie, more dirt needed than expected, well needed to be dug deeper than expected, etc.) His office, who by the way is run by the builders daughter refused to send a copy of the original bills submitted to the builder by the subs. I eventually had to hire an attorney to protect us from any further eronous bills from being sent. After the second bill she wouldn't return my phone calls and utilized caller ID. I got her immediately when I called from my work.

2) We went through multiple superintents, none of which were easy to get a hold of or able to update myself on the progress of our house. One superintent told me that I was not allowed on my property until after 3pm and could not conversate with any of the working subs ever! Mr. Whittaker defended his sup and told me his behavior was appropriate!

3) Long delays on finishing house. I had to get my bank involved to threaten delay of payment in order for them to finally finish home. We had to extend our loan 3 months longer. We closed November 2005.

I obviously wouldn't recommend this builder to anyone. If you plan to build no matter with whom, hire an attorney and have him write the contract for you, don't sign the builders contract!


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d46483a5, 2008-04-11, 09:29AM CDT

To Whomever posted this comment, Please be advised Mr. Whittaker doesn't have any kids!!! So get your facts straight before you post comments!!!

c25e82a7, 2008-05-14, 12:41PM CDT

In our opinion also, someone we could not recommend.

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