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Posted on Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 at 8:16pm CDT by cfe1ed74

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Dream House Windows is by far one of the worst companies out there. My husband and I signed a contract after feeling pressured by the sales person (even though he was more professional than one from Castle Windows) and the quoted price was almost $10k. Thinking that it was a decent deal at first without shopping around, we signed the contract. Good thing there was a 3-day cancellation period where we got to sit down and really think about spending all that money in one place. After speaking with our neighbors, we realized we made a big mistake when we found out there were better deals out there with other companies, so instead, we decided to fax in our cancellation paperwork. Upon faxing and receiving a receipt confirmation, I got a call on my cell phone immediately soon afterwards. I obviously didn't pick up since I was at work, so I waited to tell my husband to call them back during our lunch break. He did just that. At first, when we started talking to the customer service rep, they were nice, until they found out we were calling regarding a confirmation. Then it went downhill. They immediately put the manager on the line and not only were they rude, but very condesending. The sales manager, Ron, even called my husband a "child". After my husband told the manager not to call him that, he continued to say it. Of course, my husband hung up on him because the sales manager was the most unprofessional salesman we've evern encountered in our life! Beware of these commission-earning sales-reps who are out there to rip you off. They're only nice to you if they think they have you hooked onto an enormous price tag when you sign the contract, but they become two-faced once they find out that you want to cancel when you realized you've just been ripped off! Both Dream House Windows and Castle Windows are alike.

Please post this for all to see so that others out there will know of their ridiculous price and dishonest sales techniques. Always shop around and not fall under the pressure thinking that you're getting a great deal even when they knock $2k off the price (and almost force you to sign a contract) when you can get it for almost half their original quoted price elsewhere! Do some comparison shopping before! Good luck!


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468c678e, 2008-10-06, 02:21PM CDT

On June 26 I ordered an eight foot sliding glass door from Dream House Windows. I was quoted 3-5 weeks order time. I was paying $2995.00 for the door and the required deposit was $1000.00 in check form only. The first week in August I called to see where my door was. They assured me there was no delay regarding product materials and the door should be delivered by the end of the following week. Dream House Windows argued they were still in the time frame promised as the contract states "on or about". August 18th I sent a registered/return receipt letter to them cancelling the order for failure to deliver.

I received a call from the General Manager Rob and my story is very similiar to the above complaint. Robert was very condesending and rude and would interrupt me when I tried to speak to him. I too finally hung up on him.

To get my deposit back I had to file a complaint with Camden County Superior Court..Small Claim. The court immediately order a hearing date and Dream House Windows failed to appear. I now have a judgement against them. I have now and will continue to relay my experience with Dream House windows to everyone I know and come in contact with considering window replacement. Do Not patronize Dream House Windows!!

bb8a0480, 2009-01-20, 03:29PM CST

I agree with this complaint 100%. It is as if I wrote the original complaint myself. My husband and I went through the same exact thing. One thing left off of the original is that the salesperson was at our house for 3 hours and the only way to get him to leave was by signing a contract. We learned our lesson!!

92bebccc, 2009-02-04, 12:56PM CST

I have had multiple dealings with this company dream house windows before and i find this to be absurd comments if you will comment on a company that you havent even done bussines with how dare they acctually ask you for the order how dare that mail man deleveres the mail what is wrong with you people you are judging companies that does there job peple like you are the one who make sales people crazy and yes im a salesman and no i dont work for any of them

cd9dc8e1, 2009-08-05, 12:31PM CDT

Not true!

We have dealt with them and have had a great quality of window and service.

You did not have to sign anything and if you did and did not want their windows, then why would you sign a contract that would put you in an agreement to get windows when you could have simply asked him to leave or order him to leave?

Other companies gave us estimates that were outrageous, their prices were reasonable for the quality of windows that we got.

I highly recommend this company!

Call them today to get your windows, siding, or doors.


b1ceb873, 2009-09-22, 05:03PM CDT

What a joke!!! Dream house tried to get me to buy on there first visit but I refused they kept calling the manager and he kept telling them to lower the price. Eventually they gave up and left. But the very next day they called me to lower it even more. They have so much mark up in there windows that they can lower there price almost 60 % and still make money. I do not recommend Dream house to anyone that works hard for there money. A horrible company in my book!!

b3b36eb4, 2009-09-23, 08:32AM CDT

DEFINTELY NOT TRUE as far as our experience (so far). The quality of the window CAN NOT be beat...so pay less now...buy again later!!! Remember folks...it is a SALESMAN and by definition..his JOB is TO SELL. Comparison shop....BUT $$$ should NOT be THE ONLY thing you look at...penny wise...dollar foolish. We were treated with the UTMOST respect...Shop around BUT BUY ONCE!!!!

52b69d15, 2009-11-04, 08:13AM CST

Unfortunately, People can be idiots and unrealistic about what a salesperson is supposed to do when he comes to your home. A homeowner calls a salesperson out to show them the windows and get a price, then they want to do research after the fact. If you want windows, do your research first and figure out a budget...let the salesman do his/her job and if you like that person and the company...then you should go forward. Do not expect a guy that makes his living selling windows to come and spend 5 mins with you, give a price and then leave. If you want cheap...go to a big-box store and have to replace them in 4 years again...or listen intently to the salesperson as he must just have the best window out there for a very fair price. I HAD DREAMHOUSE OUT AND THEY WERE PROFESSIONAL,COURTEOUS, INFORMATIVE. Had a GREAT window at a very fair price...I could have gotten cheaper but you get junk. I could have paid more for a product that did not have all the bells and whistles either. GREAT VALUE, GREAT DREAMHOUSE WINDOW and a Very Fair Price.

004e0cfe, 2009-12-08, 04:54PM CST

I wish I read your article first. I am in the process of having my windows put in. The job is a total mess. 1 DAY? Now we are in our 5th week and they still don't have them installed correctly and the finish work is so bad I can't even paint the inside window trim because they used the wrong caulking. We are not happy with the installations at all

426cdbdf, 2010-04-16, 10:29AM CDT

i also had a dismal experiance with Dreamhouse.. Total ripoff

ca07e09c, 2010-10-21, 04:16PM CDT

I am a representative from dream house windows. I would first like to state that here at D.H.W. we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We recently set a system up to collect reviews from customers though Ratepoint. Ratepoint is a trusting company that collects these review as well as checks their authenticity. here is a link to our reviews. http://ratepoint.com/seereviews/64928?page=1

8c08192c, 2011-03-24, 05:37PM CDT

I agree 100%. We may've signed the contract with Dream House Windows, but I don't like to be pressed that hard. If it is true, what they say, their windows are the best for the price, why I had to sign contract right away, not let's say the next day.

Anonymous, 2011-04-08, 12:28PM CDT

We just had an estimate by Dreamhouse windows. No pressure, and price in line with the other companies we had come to our home. It was a superior quality of the vinyl window, and very similar to other companies. Not a tremendous difference in price. I'm doing a little more research before we make a decision.

f1803d62, 2011-04-16, 06:12PM CDT

We had a salesmen of Dream House Windows today for an estimate on our front door and our patio door. I found that we were treated very well, the salesmen was very helpful and polite and gave us a good advice. They did not try to make us purchase what we did not want and he left without a signed contract. But remember they ARE salesmen, they are paid by commission. It is like when you buy a car: they want to sell their product to you, and if possible to sell it right now. As a customer, be informed and be firm. It is what we are going to do: shop around, find the right price for the best quality.

51318db5, 2011-07-12, 10:55PM CDT

I had a similar experience, feeling extremely pressured by the sales rep. My husband and I were young and this was our first home, so we made mistakes that we have now learned from. The main issue I had with them was that their sales rep out and out LIED to us. He told us 2 things : it would be done in 2 days AND the workers did not need to work in the house. We had no experience with having windows replaced, so we had no idea that this was impossible. ?The first day of installation, they worked for ?1/2 a day and then packed up to leave. I questioned this because we had 18 windows and a back door to be done and they hadn't done ANY windows ?in 3 hours. The main worker literally Laughed out loud! He said that was impossible! So they get the sales rep on the phone and he apologizes and says 3 days max. Fine. The next day they have a ?crew of 6 men to work. But then they start coming in my house, pulling down my curtains and blinds, moving furniture. One guy even threw dusty window treatments on my bed! I am a wreck by now, not wanting to cause problems though, I pull the main guy aside and told him what the rep had said. The sales rep even said "you won't even have to take down your window treatments! It's all done from the outside!" I know people are laughing at me, but I was 22 years old, just moved out of my parents house and really, truly didn't know better! The main worker laughed so hard I thought he would pee his pants! I had such a mess to clean up when they were done throwing my stuff all over! ?I went with these people MAINLY for these 2 reasons. Other places offered better prices and good windows, but I run a family day care and I really liked the quick install and the whole staying outside thing because I had children here. I have a large house, so it was easy for me to move them to another room during the work, but the mess created! I had to pick up broken glass, nails, screws, wood shards!?

We live in a colonial corner twin and I have a front bay and side bay on the second floor with 3 windows each. The house is brick, but these are sided. I come to find out that they tore off the siding out front and half way through realized it was a mistake and talked about additional charges! I stood firm and said no, you did this, you fix this! But my siding was aluminum and old, so now it really looks funny, totally doesn't match at all. ?They also did not relplace the 1/4 round trim inside. I have a ?100 year old house that had wood windows. They looked like crap when they left! I called and they sent some one to put in the trim,?but they did a sucky job and got caulk on my rug and curtains. They scratched my hardwood floor really bad ?with the replacement windows themselves (not from moving my stuff) AND they put a giant pull in my Berber rug with one of the windows! I also lost a tire on my car because there was such a huge mess outside that i got 2 nails in one tire! ?They left a huge mess all over my house! Inside and out! ?I had complaints from my neighbors about the huge mess as well.?

I have had them here 2 times with major window malfunctions (i couldnt tell you exactly what happened, because i dont know all names for the window parts) and ?I just had ?my middle bay ?window break! Now I have to call them again. I do not recommend these people unless you really really do your homework and supervise them like children. They are also unprofessional. One guy spent more time following me around and hitting on me than he did working. It got so bad that I ?finally called my husband to come home because I was so uncomfortable. ?He confronted this guy and the head guy. I don't know what happened, but my husband stayed home for the rest of the installation, missing 2 days of work.?

Diana T., 2014-01-31, 05:01PM CST

OK, It was actually funny to read about the customers complains and Dream house windows trying to post as clients to defend themselves!!

Ok NOW from a subcontractor, THEY LIE TO BOTH SUBCONTRACTORS AND CLIENTS!!!!!!!!!! They are rude to both subs and clients and they do work without permits sometimes, besides that they rather not pay their subs for completed jobs. As a woman all you get is sexual harassment, they like driving expensive cars and give their subs a hell of a time to pay them, up to the point that some subs even give up asking to please pay them. To their clients they promise "VERVALLY" not written to replace certain things just for them to sign the contract. Once their subs do the job and the client complains they say "well it was never written in the contract". That was when as a sub I said "umm they are a bit fishy" and months later they kept missing my invoices to pay me over 13thousand for a government job completed months ago!!

They are a big fraud!!!! and coming to find out I was not the only sub that they owe too!!!!!! Although I got paid in full I know that a lot of others subs have not and that is not fair.

Would Dream house windows next step is to declare themselves in bankruptcy, again??

Terry S., 2014-02-19, 10:25AM CST

Dream House Windows, Dream House Exteriors, ZaZa Corp., Firas Emachah

See below for information on the practices of this company/owner located in West Berlin New Jersey.

I made the right decision in replacing all 14 of the Dream House Windows that were just installed in July, 2013. For complete details of my experience with Dream House Windows, aka Dream House Exteriors, aka ZaZa Corp. and Firas Emachah (Owner), please see the following:

I know how he treats his customers: www.justicewherefraudexists.com

Read how they handle payroll: www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia and search for ZaZa

I also have read on various complaint sites and it seems the owner doesn't like to pay his subcontractors.

Is this an ethical and upstanding company that you really want to do business with? Do you really want to give him your hard-earned money? Do you trust that they will do a good installation?

Remember, a 100% Warranty on Everything for LIFE is only as good as the company backing it.

Robert K., 2014-04-26, 09:44AM CDT

This Company Is Horrible. Windows installed Jan 14th, our referral still DID NOT RECEIVE a DIME, don't waste your Time..$$$ Total Joke..Called many many many times....this Company just blows you off...JOKE...You get someone to refer you this Company, and they are supposed to get payed $250..Our referral has "ZERO" Buy elsewhere, check the internet, Terrible reviews of this Company..They are a Total JOKE...

Terry S., 2014-04-27, 08:18AM CDT

You should have read the complaints against this company and it's owner BEFORE deciding to contract with them and NOT review sites like Home Advisors and the like where the company pays to be on their site. Sites where the company pays list far fewer complaints than sometimes "made-up" reviews. There is an open complaint even on the BBB site you should have read, and you should have called the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs. Your referral should give you $250 out of the goodness of their heart for referring you. You will need the $250 for repairs to the windows and a very possible recaulking of every window since their caulking does NOT ADHERE properly. I hope they honor their warranty but I am very doubtful they will.

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