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Posted on Friday, March 9th, 2007 at 12:43am CST by 30a45636

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Marsha Ellis

I would like to submit a very valid complaint. I loved my dish up until today; In January I informed Dish of my move and scheduled a appt. to set up service. Dish people came out and informed me that there were too many trees and we could not do satellite anymore. I was broken hearted because I really did not have any unresolveable problems with them and I love my digital dvr and my programs. I had it set up just perfectly.

Well sorry to say upon the move we took a loose all recievers and had to move them back to the previous address and try to reinstall them (what a mess). Well we were only able to install TV 2 to the dvr and I informed dish of this and we actual had a package of at least four tv's and 2 recievers. This was quite a loss so I told dish we needed someone to come out and rehook up the recievers and we did suffer. Well they set up an appt and the guy never showed we clld and clld and was disconnected and disconnected and finally when were not disc. the rep was trying to locate the dispatcher while we were waiting and the dispatcher was never located and sorry to say my husband and I lost about 2 hours.

I did inform Dish that we needed a reduction for that month and instead of discontinuing service at the old address that we would keep the service with a lesser package. All of this was all good: dish said all we owed for January was $55.00 and the less package would be I believe $79.95 a month and would send a box to send back the other reciever.

We never recieved the box and sadly to say a new bill came out for $236.77 well I was too angry and clld up dish and I thought they were chrging me for the reciever that we never recieved a box to ship back, but no dish screwed up everything and the rep that I was talking to informed me that nothing that I was discussing with her was not in my account.

Well there go My I love Dish, and all the bragging to anyone that would listen and putting down all the competitors. My you must know how foolish I feel. I am only paying what I was told and the month that was used up until the 6 of March the date I recieved this info and also I told them to disconnect and they still have not.

I believe if this is not resolved I am going to take this a step or two higher, to the Better business bureau, The Attorney General and will find out who else I can contact.

I surely hope you can help me to resolve this mess.

Sincere Customer

Marsha Lennon Ellis


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