- table & chair set for kids

Posted on Friday, March 9th, 2007 at 6:54pm CST by 483000bb

Product: table & chair set for kids


Category: Kids, Baby

I bought a children's table and chair set, Dec. 04 from I had visited a local store and looked at their floor model. I had noticed the table wobbled a bit and I asked the salesperson about. She told me their floor model had been on the floor for a year and had been heavily abused. Well guess what, that doesn't seem to be the truth. I gave the table & chairs to my not yet 2 year old daughter who is now, 3 and she is still not a heavy user of the table. She literally with sit and color and eat lunch on it. That I would not consider heavy use. The wobbling started after just a couple of months and now the legs will not stay on at all. When I called they told me I was beyond my 30 day return window. Like I didn't know that. I explained to them, I wasn't returning it to do dislike it was a safety hazard. I asked to speak to a manager and to date have not had a response back. The table & chairs was one of the most expensive available, the pattern and unique drew me in, but the quality is not there. On top of that, customer service and customer safety is not's first priority. When dealing with kid's toys/furniture this should be everyone's priority. The table now sits in my basement as I wait for them to call me back. Just wanted everyone to know what a horrible experience I've had with them and the table.


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