Posted on Thursday, March 8th, 2007 at 10:59pm CST by ed910c6c

Company: 411

Category: Government, Police

When I began Calling 411 a couple of years ago for directory assistance I was very pleased and received excellent results. I am extremely frustrated and concerned about the inadequate customer service today. Every single time in the past few months (about ten times) until I ended up giving up on 411 I asked for a specific location/business, gave the customer service people crossroads, and got transferred to a completely different location with a completely different name on a completely different street. Not to mention getting hung up on when you try to correct the operator who might or might now be able to even fluently speak the English language. Now I am sure it costs the company a great deal less money to hire insufficiently trained help. For the people that pay for this service though, it becomes a & pain in the ass. It's like going to a fast food restaurant getting the wrong order, and opening up your burger to find what would only be termed as a bloody loogie, oh yeah! and then having the restaurant lock up the piece of crap building so you couldn't go. And as a result couldn't state your concerns to

any living and breathing individual that might be able to do something about how you paid for a service and then got screwed over. Now as much as your customer service or should I say disservice representatives obviously don't give a crap about the needs of the community, it be nice to see even the slightest hint of some kind effort put into helping people locate the flippin places/people they pay your oh so educated 411 operators to do.

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Anonymous, 2010-09-02, 10:37AM CDT

I completely AGREE and the frustration that is experienced when dealing with these people is just ludicrous. 411 operators #1 - cannot even hold the most basic level of conversation; if they aren't blowing your ear up with mundane,flat-toned apologies, they are over-talking you and the end result is nothing has filtered into their little minds long enough for them to grab a concept of understanding. What's even worse: your carrier has no authority to reprimand these so-called "workers" because they are under the management rule of a non-existent entity. If you ask for a manager - they repeatedly tell you they cannot transfer the call. I have NEVER heard of such business practices.

411 customer service is now operating as the service level quality of any 3rd world country telephone support: it SUCKS.

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