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Posted on Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 at 10:15pm CST by 2dd731ad

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Domino's Pizza advertises "Great Jobs", "Delivery drivers, earn $12 to $15 an hour", "flexible hours", "mileage reimbursement", "supplemental insurance provided", "regular pay raises". What they don't tell prospective employees- You have to pay for your own gas, vehicle maintanence, repairs, and insurance. The average miles per delivery varies from 8 to 12 miles with some as far as 15 to 20 round trip for which you are "reimbursed" 84 cents to $1.20, with current gas prices you have to be driving a car that gets 30 mpg or more to actually be fully reimbursed for the gas you use, if your car gets less than 30 mpg you will end up paying to deliver their pizzas. You will put 100 miles or more on your car in the average shift per day, resulting in high maintanence, expensive repairs, and high mileage depreciation to your vehicle for which you are supposed to cover out of the "mileage reimbursement" which as I already explained doesn't even cover the fuel you'll burn. I averaged spending over $100 a month in repairs alone in an 8 month period driving for Domino's, this is not counting oil changes, tires, belts, etc., that too is supposed to be covered by the "mileage reimbursement". You will be paid minimum wage, when it is time for your "regular pay raise" (supposedly every 3 months) Domino's refers you to the franchise owner who in turn says it is up to the manager who says "contact Domino's corporate" who refers you back to the franchisee (If you can actually get ahold of someone to handle employee relations at corporate) who says to talk to the manager....You get the idea by now, what you don't get is the pay raise they tell you about at your hiring. "Flexible hours" means you will get called in on your days off to work 2-3 hours during the rush when everything is so backed up that the customers are angry their pizza is late so you won't get tipped either, and when you need time off you have to schedule weeks in advance and by the time comes they've forgotten you needed that time off and will be expected to work whatever is on the schedule, no-shows are grounds for termination, it also means you might be scheduled to work 5 to 8 but if they are still getting orders you could be there until 10 so don't make plans based on your schedule. "Supplemental insurance" only kicks in in the event of a claim of more than $5,000 against you, since most pizza drivers can't afford cars woth more than that you could very well end up totaling your car in the line of work and not collect a dime from Domino's, and in the event you do end up getting sued for say $10,000 Domino's will only cover $5,000 of that, the other $5,000 comes out of your pocket. And did I mention that your insurance carrier will charge you a much higher premium once they find out you are using your personal vehicle to deliver pizza's? They will find out because Domino's contacts your insurance company before you are even hired to verify that you have a current policy. You do get tips but they are reported at the end of each shift and are taxed just like any other income so the amount you take home might not seem too bad but just wait until tax time' and' alot of customers don't bother tipping or think you will get part of the extra money they are charged as a "delivery fee", which by the way, Domino's charges the customer $2 extra on deliveries, out of that they give the driver 84 cents to $1.20, there's that "mileage reimbursement" again, and Domino's keeps the rest. All in all Domino's has found a way to structure the pay so that their delivery drivers are making less than minimum wage. When I contacted the state wage and hour division they replied "Domino's is paying minimum hourly wage, any work related expenses are a matter of negotiation between the employee and the employer" so don't expect any help from Uncle Sam when you do the math and find out you are being screwed. Domino's bases their claim of $12 to $15 on gross wages + tips + "mileage reimbursement", divided by the number of hours you are on the clock. This does not count any of the out of pocket expenses I mention above, by the time you account for those you might actually make about $5 an hour, IF you're really good at customer service, know your town like the back of your hand, can speed and get away with it, have a car that gets 30 mpg with less than 50,000 miles on the odometer, have an excellent driving record for insurance purposes and happen to get scheduled during the "best hours" 3 or 4 pm to 8 or 9 pm a little later on fri sat or sun, oh yeah, you have to keep your car very clean, you wash it on your time, you put gas in on your time, you do routine maintenance on your time, not theirs. Delivery driving is very hard on your car, you will wear out your tires, battery, door locks, latches and hinges, starter motors, steering, brakes, engine, transmission and driveline much faster than every day driving, it is all stop and go, in and out of the car and you will use a lot more gas. I get 27-29mpg on the highway and was doing good to get 12-14mpg delivering pizzas. Customers, please remember this when you get delivery, Domino's doesn't advertise how they screw their employees and if they find out a driver drops hints about tips they will fire him/her so be generous with your tips and figure it into the cost of the pizza. You might tip a waitress or waiter when you go to a sitdown restaraunt 10% to 20% if you get good service, why not show the same consideration for the person that brings it right to your door, hot, fresh and not stuck to the box?


249ffaf5, 2009-02-01, 10:22PM CST

My name is Robert Stevens and i can relate to every word of the essay. Everything is true but the Dominos i work at, they make me clock out every time i make a delivery. I dont understand that. You can reach me at [email protected] Thanks

4c40c2e5, 2010-11-01, 12:19PM CDT

I worked at Domino's Pizza as a delivery driver for 9 months before I got promoted to assistant manager. I usually worked Monday- Saturday 10-8. I made the most money I ever made in my life. I was clearing $700.00 a week (after expenses). I had a car with 100,00 miles on it. I got $1.25 per delivery. I averaged 25 to 30 deliverys a day which came to about $33.75 a day. After about $20.00 in fuel I had $13.75 left over. That gave me close to $300.00 bucks a month for oil changes and tires. I got new tires every 6 months which my mileage reimbursent paid for and I had some left over. You just got to know what your doing. I was as nice as could be with every customer and my store had a great manager, supervisor, owner, and staff. So we all made out good. I wish I could go back and keep driving and make that kind of money again for that easy of a job.

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