Sams Club/AT&T re: phone card

Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2007 at 9:36pm CST by 25540804

Company: Sams Club/AT&T re: phone card

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For several years I have been buying phone cards from Sams Club in order to

save $.. Now much to my chagrin their terms and conditions have changed

without formal notice and now that I think about it without notice as to the specific value of the reduced service available. A case in point, I purchased a

calling card in February to replaced my expired card, a reasonable person

would expect the same terms and conditions unless otherwise advised in

prominent signage. Not so, in bold print on the display rack and the card itself

was the languare 1200 Minutes, and under the previous card I would have enjoyed 1200 minites of call time ! Now I find this is no longer true! The bold print has not shown a major change to the detriment of the loyal previous customers.. At first card use, I called out of state and was advised I had 1200 minutes available as expected. The next call within state I was telephonically advised I had only 236 minutes, what happened to all of my purchased minutes? I called customer service at the AT&T number on the phone card. The responder advised me that the policy change was introduced as of January 1,2007.with the net effect of a product loss of aproximately 80%. for in state calls. Wouldn't a reasonable, rational person expect from a major company such as Walmart to advise loyal customers of such a dramatic negative change, before the fact. One is left with the thought that a fraud has been perpetrated in the name of profitability. I personally believe that adequate notice should be provided to their loyal cliental at or before the time of purchase.It just isn't enough to provide in extremely small print and after the fact, that instate calls MAY be higher. Especially since many such as myself make most of our calls within state and thus realize less than 250 minutes on a advertised 1200 minute card, that's not the type savings one would expect from Sam's, our largest retail entity. . There are better bargins and more straight forwardness than this


William Curry



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29673666, 2008-09-05, 12:09AM CDT

As a former Sam's Club employee, I feel qualified to answer this. Not sure about other Sam's Clubs (but since we all follow the same policy I'll take a guess that it is the same in whatever club that you shop in), they had signs posted on ALL of the registers. In my particular one, the signs are still hanging there. Second of all, if you have problems reading "the extremely small print" as you state, ask an associate. If they don't know the answer, they will take you to the service desk and they will either answer your question or call AT&T for you. Keep in mind, they are a retailer, same as Target, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, all they do is sell the product. They only offer what the company (in this case AT&T) has to sell.

They are still 2.9 cents a minute + tax for your area. It is up to AT&T to do with it whatever they choose. I see that you had an expired card, which means the card is rather old. Since there is not a date on your original complaint, I'm going to guess that you do not frequently use your card or you would have been more familiar with AT&T's policies. I guess the main point of this is: Yes, Sam's club sells the product, but if you have a problem with the product, either return it (and yes, they will return in with a receipt) or do not buy the item in the future.

db66341d, 2010-09-29, 10:19AM CDT

i have the same thing.i only call in state,they gave me mostly state to state.i charged my card by phone and was not told of policy change.i'm on social security and can't afford to buy anymore minuets any where else.there are no signs posted for me to see when you recharge on-line.i should have been informed of the change.i'm very angry and without long distance.thank you at&t.

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