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Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2007 at 7:06pm CST by 2276c472

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Consumer who tried to respond to a complaint-ant on your site and it failed. First view her complaint and then view what I tried to write to her. I am adding my complaint below.

To Whom It May Concern,

On October 29, 2004 I ordered a leather jacket from Sears/Leather Connection, number 800-94809300, order #153578. I returned it in November for another color and they received and logged it into their system on December 1, 2004. Since their system does not allow them to send out any exchange item, they require that they charge back the item to your card and recharging the item again. I have been waiting for my "charge back refund" since December 1, 2004.

According to Sharon who is the manager, Juan is the person who does the "credit card refunds" tried to charge the order back of $10.00 and $129.00 on December 6, 2004 and found that none of the charge back refunds work to apply to anyone's card. I have been working w/them at least once a week, trying to get them to refund my monies.

On February 4, 2005 I was informed that they did a charge back transaction for the $10.00 (transaction #764898962), which was received to my Visa card on February 8, 2005, and for the $129.00 (transaction #764898394) which as of today, February 14, 2005,has not been charged back to my Visa credit card. It is very bizarre that they were able to charge back the $10.00 refund, but not the $129.00 refund even though they claim that they did them both on the same day and at the same time!

I even went so far as to call the Sears number of 847-286-2500 for their corporate executive offices since they are affiliated w/Sears by selling items under the name of "Sears/Leather Connection", to see if they could take care of the problem and they were no help at all. They mentioned that they were able to give me phone numbers of 800-923-5532 and 800-948-8800 for this Leather Connection, but they are not affiliated w/them at all!

I am at a loss as to what to do next! Because it appears that they are not able to refund my money or send me the jacket which I have already paid for I am filing this complaint w/your Better Business Bureau, in hopes that you will be able to help me in resolving this situation.


Selena P

Silver Spring, MD 20903

I tried to send this to your complaint-ant.

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Subject: Sears Leather


After seeing a jacket I wanted in the Sears Leather catalogue, given to me by a friend; I Googled to find out more about this division of Sears. I found your complaint and decided before ordering I would call and speak to a manager at Sears to clarify that a like thing would not happen to me.

The person that answered was Sharon and I told her about the complaint I saw on Google. Immediately Sharon began a dialogue about a person retuning a worn garment. I had not mentioned any such thing and I had your complaint right in front of me. I responded to Sharon that what she was saying wasn't the issue. So I read her a couple of sentences out of your complaint.

Next her ploy was to say that it was a shipping issue since I had mentioned the $10. you were refunded along with the $129. you were not refunded. I responded to her that was not the issue either and she continued trying to convince me it was a shipping problem. Next, I read her another sentence from your letter proving it was not a shipping problem.

Finally she conceded realizing, she could no longer try to divert me from the real issue. I recapped for her in no uncertain terms, the manner in which she went about answering was so unsatisfactory that I deffinately would not order from Sears Leather no matter how much I like the Jackets.

Selena, thank you for doing this or I might have also been in a upsetting situation. Just speaking to Sharon without any problems of my own...became a problem because of her defensive programed answers. She deffinately does not appear to listen to what a customer is saying. In addition, I felt it very deceptive for her to immediately try to paint a picture of a worn garment with nothing having been said at all about what the issue may have been other than the mention of a complaint.

There must be many more people out there who have had problems as well but have not made it public.

I will not be ordering from Sears much to my dismay.

DC Peterson


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84e3b030, 2009-02-08, 09:04PM CST

WoW! My MOM ordered leather vests and coats for me from Leather Connection over the past few years....with out any problems, but when I read about the run around that was given to the complaintant, it reminds me of why I stopped going to SEARs and why they are in trouble. I was going to order a leather coat for my MOM, but after what I've read...no way!

Roger D. Malouf- Roanoke, VA

67ed9c42, 2010-11-02, 02:19AM CDT


ACCOUNT # S500123105




NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ 08901-2612

536fdd07, 2011-11-13, 04:24PM CST

thank you for this. I was about to order some leather pants. As much as i want them, I don't think i will be ordering anything from Leather Connection. I received a catalog in the mail and since Sear's name was on it i thought it would be safe, now i quetions wheather its safe to order from Sears, on-line. Guess i will not be wearing leather for my birthday this year.

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