Gerald Nissan - deceptive and fraudulent on 2003 Xterra

Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2007 at 7:19pm CST by 023f7eb4

Company: Gerald Nissan - deceptive and fraudulent on 2003 Xterra

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On September 2006 I went to Gerald Nissan in Naperville look at Xterras since one of them I had seen on the road caught my attention the night before. I saw and test-drove a used 2003 and a 2005. I immediately gravitated for the 2003 style. During negotiation I was told this was an “SE” trim…it was a used car and an 2003 so I went by what they told me as far as the trim. I had purchased another vehicle from them about a month before and all went fine, So I had confidence in them. I also saw the “Autocheck” report and it all seemed to point out this car was perfect.

After a while of driving and observing other Xterras on the road, I started to take notice of the “SE” badge on the back and different colored rims. This peaked my curiosity as to why mine was different and on Feb 2007 I finally doubled-checked the contract and all the paperwork from the dealer and on every document it was written this was an “SE”. I then called Nissan Consumer affairs (800.nissanusa) to verify, they ran my VIN# and told me this was not an “SE” but an “XE” (lower trim).

I went to the dealer and explained to Sales manager that they had made a mistake and that I was willing to work something out since I negotiated a price to buy an “SE” but was in fact an “XE” model. He was rude (along with other of his co-workers) and told me he was not going to do anything about it, too bad, your loss, etc…


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