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Posted on Friday, March 30th, 2007 at 12:13am CDT by 4ef1fa25

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VIP Discount Auto Parts and Services Londonderry NH 03053

I just sent this e-mail to VIP. Hopefully it will detail the issues

I've had there.

It seems every time I visit your Londonderry NH location there is a

problem. Almost every time I can expect to wait twenty minutes when I

am visibly the only customer in the store waiting to be checked out at

an empty, cashier-less register while the employees shoot-the-shit with

each other by the service desk.

Everyone I know says to stay away from your place of business due to

bad service or the like. Two years ago, I went in for an inspection,

had the inspector fail my car for reasons that were unclear to me, told

me they would cost over $800 to fix, and try to talk me into getting

the services done that day. After I paid, I left, went to the Exxon gas

station across the street, had them inspect my car while asking them

about the issues the inspector at your store had said were why I

failed, and they passed my car, gave me a sticker, and said there was

nothing wrong with my car, aside from a marker light near the back

which I paid $2 to them to get replaced, which, mind you, your

inspector did NOT pick up on. After the inspection, I went back to your

VIP station to dispute this, to which the inspector said "if I don't

think your car is safe enough for my grandmother to drive, I'll fail

it." When I asked him how a STATE TEST that has all the same

regulations, rules, and tests at each station could have one fail my

car and another pass my car, he dismissed me and went to another


Even today I simply went in to pick up some Bondo... Which, as a brand

name, I figured your store would carry, but ended up grabbing

"cargroom" fiberglass polyresin instead. I grabbed a few more things

and waited at the again empty cashier-less register for a few minutes

before one of the employees who was speaking on the phone decided to

come over and help me. He rang me out, and after the transaction was

completed, I looked over my receipt... $11.99 for cargroom, when the

label on the shelf said $10.99. Simple enough, it happens. I went over

to the shelf to double check, matching up the ALU to the one on my

receipt. I went to rectify this mistake and waited behind another

customer at the service desk where the employee who rang me out went

back to the phone. Another customer came in and ran up to the desk, in

front of myself and the other customer who was waiting before me, and

the employee helped him first. I waited ten minutes to dispute a lousy

dollar, and when I got to the employee and explained what happened, he

told me he couldn't do anything about it, and the only person who could

do anything was his store manager, Lou, who was on lunch break and

would be back in twenty minutes. Already ten minutes late for work, I

told him I'd come back later. I did. I returned everything and took the

five minute longer drive to AutoZone in Derry to purchase brand name

Bondo at an astonishing price of $6.99.

I don't know why I keep going back to your establishment only to be

aggravated and annoyed by the customer service. If I'm not ignored, I'm

treated with a holier-than-thou attitude, with an employee or mechanic

speaking to me like I know next to nothing about my own automobile. I

once asked if they were able to order a part for my automobile, and

they told me the part (which was a side reflector embedded into the

rear side bumper) didn't exist. I swear, sometimes your employees at

this particular location try to make the customer go away unhappy and

unsatisfied rather than ecstatic and completely satisfied.


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e1162836, 2011-04-07, 11:24PM CDT

I went to the londonderry vip the other day to pickup a part they ordered for me witch was under a lifetime warranty. When i went down the day before and had them order it for me i came with my receipt and my core, ever thing went smooth they ordered my part and said i was all set. When i came back the next day to get my part i was helped by an employee named joseph, he got my part and then proceeded to tell me there was a balance of $40 for my part witch had a lifetime warranty. When i asked him why he replied very smug saying he dosnt give away free parts and he needs my core for the warranty to be valid, UNDERSTANDABLE. Then i explained to him i dropped off my core the day prior when they ordered the part for me. He looked around the store for 10min while i stood there with 4 other customers waiting behind me. When he came back he told me there was nothing he could do for me without the core. So all i could do is repeat my self, I told him i dropped my core off the day before and im not responsible for what your employees do with my part after i leave the store, if you cant find it thats not my problem, i did my part there is no reason i should get reprimanded for negligence on your employees part. Then i asked to talk to his manager and he replied very smug with a smile on his face "i am the manager". Instantly i saw red, I then replied by saying "so if your the manager you have the authority to take care of this" He replied " I wont break store policy " I told him to call the employee that helped me the day prior , he didnt have his phone#???? So i stepped aside aggravated and asked him for his district managers # . With the same attitude he just pointed to a wall and said "get it your self, its on the wall".As i was calling his DM i heard him helping the next customer as he told him he was going to have to wait a couple minutes because he could'nt find his paper work. So i chimed in saying "wow what do you know you cant locate something, never seen that before". The managers response " ill call the cops if you dont get out of my store". What do you know, its his store and he has authority. What ever happen to the customer is always right? I spent 10k last year at there store because i own KCR Lawn & Garden landscaping out of londonderry NH. What kind of business is so dumb they would loose a good customer over $40? This is NOT my first bad experience with the londonderry vip. Its funny how you can go to the derry vip and get treated 500% better.

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