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Posted on Friday, March 30th, 2007 at 3:57pm CDT by 6d49b3e4

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Complaint about ING DIRECT

Was not allowed to access any of my money. Their website gave me a problem in entering a pin #, so we called to get it fixed. Was told they would send me a new one, and it would take a week to get and I would not be able to access my money. My myself and my joint account holder called, our identities were verified, all info they asked was verified, yet, they told us they couldn't do anything for us until we receive a pin # in the mail. I asked them for any other options, or if they could rush a pin, I would've paid extra, they told me no. They refused to help me, were rude, didn't care, told me I shouldn't have put all my money in that account. That was very unprofessional, since this is a business and I would think they cared about me having my money in their company. It's been a week, and I have no access to my money, almost $7,ooo.oo. They refused to help me in anyway. They caused me financial problems. It is my money! My info, my identity, and my security questions were all verified by the rep and manager, yet they still could not help me access my money until I receive a pin #, which they wouldn't even rush out for me. I was treated horribly and unprofessionally.


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276c801d, 2007-12-08, 05:04PM CST

My story about ING Direct is worse. They kept me from my money for over 8 months because I couldn't remember my PIN, had changed addresses, and when they'd send a new PIN, they had "do not forward" on it! So, no online access at all, and no way to get to my money - EVER. Stay away from this very rude, unprofessional online bank. They can give good interest rates because they save the money by hiring monkeys as Customer Service personnel.

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