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Posted on Saturday, March 3rd, 2007 at 12:52am CST by 0706769b

Company: Vatterott College

Category: Education

I have currently graduated from Vatterott College with their associates degree in Computer Systems and Network Technology. It was a waste of $33,000. The education was sub-par as were the instructors. The only requirements for being an instructor are that you have at least two years "experience" in the field. I had instructors who, while most of them genuinely cared about their students, didn't know what they were talking about. One instructor would sit in the back of the room and surf the internet while he made us read from the book. I was not taught a thing about how to build a server and their CCNA class was a joke. I studied exactly what they told me to study for the CCNA and was consistently getting 100% on the tests that were provided during the class. I went in to take the CCNA immediately after the class thinking that I was completely ready for it and I bombed it, missing almost every question. The book that was given to me for this class in now at the city dump, because it was completely worthless. I studied this material for 3 weeks straight and 5 questions into the test I knew those 3 weeks were not worth a thing. At about half way through the associates program I realized it was a joke, but it was too late to get any money back. After finishing the program, after all it was costing me rather I stayed with it or not, we were told we would be contacted about job openings and be put in touch with potential employers. No one in my class received even one call about a job, and over a month after graduating and applying at every single computer shop in the entire area, I am still yet to receive a phone call from any employers. As for continuing my education I was also told that the local university would not even look at my transcripts from Vatterott. And Vatterott recommends and tries to get people to go to University of Phoenix to "continue their education". Ha Ha! Everyone knows that that University of Phoenix is a joke! Now everyone I meet I tell them about the scam of Vatterott College.


22f56d34, 2010-04-28, 09:37AM CDT

How come you didn't transfer to a different school upon realizing that this school was not meeting your needs?

b8752ca1, 2010-10-26, 06:29PM CDT

I totally agree with you on this and reccomend that no one goes and waste their money on this college.. It's jus not worth it, you would be better off spending that kind of money at a 4 year university. I am a grduate of vatterott college by the way and when I attended that school I had a professor that was learning with us. How can we learn from some one that doesn't even know what he is talking about? Then to add to that our complaints of this professor were not answered from the deans of the school.. Vatterott HaHa a real joke! Oh, yeah i'm unemployed also.

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