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I have a prepaid Reliance mobile phone, no. 9322001779. Two weeks ago they stopped all calls, incoming and outgoing as per some govt. regulation which requires the customer to go to a reliance dealer and fill a form, attach proof of address and identity. Though I had already done this just last December at the reliance showroom on Dhole Patil Road, Pune, I repeated the entire exercise again at their Koregaon Park showroom.

To date my phone is still not restored. Their Pune manager is perpetually inaccessible, making one wonder if he is real or illusion. To the rare call that gets him he just replies "I'll call back" and disconnects, never calling back.

It is the duty of the service provider to inform the customer why his phone is being disconnected and when and how it will be restored. Reliance is being high-handed and arbitrary in their gestapo-type behaviour - they don't care a damn how inconvenienced a customer is. If the govt. needs to obtain proof of our identity and address surely they can devise some other human way of doing it instead of just making your phone go dead.

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Hoshi Kapadia.


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