Thermador CMT227 Double Oven with Microwave

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2007 at 4:00pm CDT by 51a18bf6

Company: Thermador CMT227 Double Oven with Microwave

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Thermador CMT227 Double Oven with Microwave in upper convection oven. Have had this oven for ~ 10 years now and it has been a lot of trouble.

Being an engineer, I have been able to fix every problem so far but it has been PAINFUL!

This oven was clearly not designed for easy service… every time there is a problem it usually requires pulling this beast out of the cabinet…. a huge job… and then opening the top of the oven to get inside to the rats nest to find and fix the problem.

I have successfully replaced the magnetron by purchasing a standard reasonably priced unit and modifying the mounting slightly to mechanically conform to the Thermador $$$$$ replacement part… been working fine for several years.

Had to repair [partly re-design] the top door interlock mechanism and that has been OK for while too.

The most recent problem was the top oven door not latching tightly… if the door opens while the microwave is on, a “safety” circuit blows a fuse buried in the rats nest inside the top of the oven… a HUGE job to replace. This design must have been chosen to assure the need for a repair procedure to replace the fuse [and find the cause of the latch failure].

A cut out relay instead of a fuse that blows, requiring one to pull the oven out to repair, would have been a much better design choice!!

The most recent problem was the top oven door not latching tightly… and you guessed it… blowing that pesky fuse again that requires pulling the oven out to replace.

The worst horror was Thermador’s attitude… they refused to allow me to talk to anyone in tech support for some guidance [I told them I was an engineer] and I did complain loudly asking to speak to a boss or boss’s boss… After deliberations, I was again refused and advised to find a service company [who of course will not be capable of repairing this oven].

No , I would NEVER, EVER buy another Thermador [Bosch] product.

Good news on the latest problem was the easy fix… the “latch hook” on the top of the oven door was slightly out of position… the hook is very stiff and was not bent BUT it is attached to flimsy sheet metal in the door and that was bent… by forcing the door hook down I was able to bend the sheet metal in the door and position the hook properly… now the upped door does latch.


Joseph U., 2012-12-02, 09:40AM CST

I have to totally agree. My Thermidor came with the house. It is just over 10 years old and the inside walls have worked so badly it will not hold a the rack for one of the two ovens. I got the runaround from Thermidor and finally had a technician come out who told me the unit needed to be replaced. I have had ovens that were 30 and 40+ years old and never had such a problem. For an amazingly expensive POS this is a ridiculous problem to have.

Furthermore, for some reason the light bulb will not come out of the oven for replacement nor will the cleaning cycle work. I am attempting to obtain a manual for this unit but the Thermidor website cannot find the model. What a PITA! I am thoroughly convinced of that Thermidor is way overpriced for such a poor quality appliance.

Bob L., 2014-12-26, 11:23AM CST

Please allow me to stand in line to agree with all of you. My magnetron has been long gone, but I bought a nice desktop unit. Nice to read that it can be substituted by an engineer type, which I am. I am not strong enough to toss it into the dumpster. :)

And to think this thing is a Bosch product! Unbelievable. Tell me it is not true! Shame!

Then the top oven control broke. It is springy when you rotate it instead of clicking the control. I found out that I have to buy the whole control instead of just the one for the top oven. Of course it is not available. The light says that it is OFF, however. Not much help there.

The good news is that the bottom oven works well. However, the door has quit snapping closed, it just gets close and sits there. So I am trying to fix that, but I am really trying to buy a new double oven that will fit in the PITA hole size that they require.

Then there is the cook top. It also has a PITA hole size in the expensive counter top. I have been able to get someone to fix it, but it needs to be fixed again now, and I think a replacement is in order. SO now I spend $$$$ to get a new counter top, too.

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