Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Voucher for Dell Latitude Notebook

Posted on Saturday, March 24th, 2007 at 4:42pm CDT by 79bd6e8f

Company: Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Voucher for Dell Latitude Notebook

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Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

1555 Regal Row

Dallas, TX 75247

I recently received vouchers for products from this company. I sent in a voucher supposedly worth $400.00 toward a Dell Latitude Laptop. I sent them an additional check for $379.95 as requested. The product arrived with no instructions. I phoned customer support and was transferred from one dept. to another for a total of two hours. Nobody could answer my technical question so I decided to ship it back. It states on the voucher and in the letter that they will refund the money, no questions asked. They shipped it to me UPS. I shipped it back to them in the same carton, UPS + insurance for less than $20.00. In return, they sent me a refund check for $310.39. (A difference of $69.56 they claim is for "shipping & handling.") This is outrageous. I only had the Notebook for a few hours and couldn't figure out how to use it. I later found out the model Notebook they shipped me is no longer being sold by Dell.

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse profits at the consumer's expense whether or not the inferior product is kept or returned. They don't "ask any questions" - they just rob your money. What a racket! This company is one big rip-off and should be put out of business.

Angela C.Vitale

Sunnyside, NY 11104


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827800b3, 2008-07-21, 10:42PM CDT

i brought a dell laptop and i love it and they should stay in business they are great

a81274cf, 2008-10-27, 12:28PM CDT

Thanks for letting me know this info, i just got my vouchers in the mail and was considering.

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