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Posted on Saturday, March 24th, 2007 at 11:01pm CDT by bda3b47a

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Being a long time customer and a huge fan of Staples, I was greatly dissapointed at the service which I recieved this past weekend. Whatever happened to the courteous customer oriented service of the past? I had a recent death in my family and I was in dire need of printing out 400 copies of funeral programs. I phoned the Staples in New Rochelle and they informed me that they couldn't have it done for another 24 hours (Ok, thats understandable, atleast he was being honest). After calling the Staples on Sanford Boulevard in Mt. Vernon, I discovered that I could have my copies the same day. I rushed over, dropped off my disk, and was informed by the young lady at the copy center that my programs would be ready between 6 and 7 pm. I told her it was important, so she noted that they would give me a call when they were done. At around 8 pm, I assumed they probably forgot to call me. I was wrong. They forgot to make the copies! (They discovered this after walking around in circles for an hour)When I asked why they weren't made, I couldn't even get a straight answer, let alone an appology! Don't employees have to go through training anymore? Atleast have the decency to give me a call and let me know there was a problem (if there even was one) so I can make other arrangements. Is there no one there that can take the initiative to do that? I mean I'm planning a funeral here. I'm not saying my work isn't as important as the next guys, but it's a funeral for crying out loud! They couldn't even get the copies done till the next day, after the wake! Thank God Kinkos was able to finish my job in under 2 hours that same night. My confidence in Staples is shot. You guys obviously have a long way ahead of you in terms of fufilling customer expectations. Wish I had an easy button.


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