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Posted on Friday, March 23rd, 2007 at 9:40am CDT by 38ae191f

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Hello, my name is Sam McMullen, I would like to complain about Ryanair's handling of Lost Property at Stansted Airport in London.

I left my new iPod Video on a flight back from Rome in the early morning of the 21st of March. I realised i had left it on the plane whilst i was still in the tunnel leading from the runway and ran back and saw the plane still there with the stairs still attached, but as we were pretty much the last people off the plane, they had closed the doors and would not let me through, they simply referred me to their lost baggage desk in the terminal. I went to the desk and was handed a piece of paper and no advice by a Ryanair employee and told to call a number and leave a message and they would get back to me in 24hours. The company I was instructed to call is a lost property handling business at Stansted Airport called 1stFlight. I called them straight away and emailed them as soon as i got home but still no reply on either.

My complaint is that Ryanair, firstly are handling lost property very badly and offer no reassurance or support on such matters (I have tried to call each number for Ryanair and they all tell me to call 1st flight and leave a message). Secondly, i believe that if this item is not found, then either (and i hate to make false accusations but...) the flight crew or the cleaning staff found it an kept it for themselves. Of course this is just speculation but there is no doubt that the item was on that plane and if it was not handed to lost property then i believe Ryanair staff stole it. My other complaint is directed at 1stFlight who seem to fail to address enquiries. I don't understand how it can take them so long to look at a sheet of paper and contact me back. My fear is that if this drags out and the item was found that it will then be lost in backlogs and there will be nothing I can do about it.

Please advise me on anything else i can do because even though this would not seem a huge loss, it is an expensive item that i won't be able to afford again and to lose it like this because of over-bureaucracy is sickening!

Thank You



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c97cda3b, 2008-05-22, 10:35AM CDT

Hi I am in the same position, I left a bum bag with an ipod, wallet and camera on a ryan air flight from Palma on the 6th April. Did the same things as you, also contacted ryan air complaints who told me all lost property is handed into the airport. Contacted Essex police who informed me that after a loss, if someone decides to take your property home, this is not classed as a theft????

Someone needs to look into this behaviour, Ryan Air need to vet their staff and stop employing thieves.

Cheap flights are good, but no service makes it expensive in the long run.

ffa32ac0, 2008-10-21, 01:18PM CDT

My name is Breda & I have a very similar story in my case it is a cannon 400D digital camera. I either left it (7th Oct) on scanner or in departure lounge at Knock or on the Ryanair flight back to Stansted. Since it wasn't found in Knock it is likely that it was left on the plane. I also have been referred to 1st flight & left a message & emailed & have had no feedback whatsoever. The camera itself is valuable but more important are the 200+ photos taken at my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. Someone knows where that camera is & if its with 1stflight I wish they would let me know!... Anyone got any other ideas??

f526bdab, 2008-11-25, 04:11AM CST

Did you ever end up getting your iPod back?

5c94d01e, 2008-12-29, 03:07AM CST

Same thing happened to my 80 year old father whose wallet with 500Euros slipped under his chair when he paid for a drink for my mother with Alzheimers. He realised as he got off, couldn't get on again and was given numbers to call. He never saw it again!

Things left on the plane seem to be a staff bonus and the staff are all so miserable because of bad hours and low pay. I personally fly Easy Jet where the staff are nice and happy and I would probably stand a better chance of getting things back.

5c94d01e, 2008-12-29, 03:29AM CST


A BUSINESSMAN who ran an airport lost property office pocketed 14 wallets, 11 mobile phones and two iPods in a little over six months, a court was told.

Police found valuables lost on budget flights to and from Stansted at Simon Hepper's home in Dunmow, Chelmsford Crown Court heard.

Hepper, 50, of Riverside, denies 33 counts of theft between November 2005 and June 2006.

Jurors were told that police launched an investigation after becoming suspicious because lost property was not being found.

Gerrard Pounder, prosecuting, said Hepper was arrested after a wallet planted on a plane by police disappeared. Mr Pounder said the wallet was later found at Hepper's home near the airport, along with other lost items.

The jury of six men and six women was told that Hepper ran the lost property office, dealing with valuables lost on easyJet and Ryanair flights.

Property lost in the airport was handled separately in another office.

Mr Pounder said travellers who lost valuables on flights would be given Hepper's office number by airlines.

The only reason for having a lost property system would be to reunite the loser with his property. That is self-evident, said Mr Pounder.

But many items were not reunited and it was perceived there was a problem and Essex Police became involved.

Mr Pounder said police tested Hepper's system by using an undercover officer who planted a wallet containing credit cards, loyalty cards, contact details and cash on a plane.

The officer then called Hepper's office to ask if the wallet had been handed in.

Hepper denied any knowledge of the wallet even though documentation showed that it had been found on the plane and given to his office, said Mr Pounder.

Hepper was arrested and police found a hoard of missing property at his home, said Mr Pounder.

Police had no difficulty tracing the owners of wallets, mobile phones, bags, a Blackberry, a camera and a business card holder, he said.

Hepper ran the lost property operation under the name Heppair Services.

The hearing continues.

a4d6d88e, 2009-07-21, 01:31PM CDT

Hi! I left my wallet on a ryanir flight from gatwick to Dublin yesterday. I didnt realise I had left it behind until I got home. I phoned the lost property department at Dublin airport today, who the put me through to ryanir, who then put me through to left luggage at Dublin airport. This is where my wallet was left. I went to collect the wallet, which containes 20 sterling along with my driving licence, bank cards etc. I was made to pay 10euro in order to get MY OWN PROPERTY back. I argued the point but in the end I unwillingly paid the money. When I was given back my wallet, suprise suprise all the cash had been taken. I am so annoyed by this, why cant ryanair do what every other company at Dublin airport does, and leave lost property with airport police in the lost luggage department????

742a71b6, 2011-02-02, 07:17AM CST

Yeah, I just had the same problem. Lost a pair of glasses, and it has been a week since I don't hear a word. And the terrible thing is, those glasses, tho raybans, are not sunglasses so they shouldn't be usefull for anyone except for selling or changing the lenses, which would be quite absurd. I liked them very much and they were very important to me since I can't find this model anymore (even if I had the money to waste on another pair).

7e2cb61d, 2011-06-16, 12:05PM CDT

ive just discoveres all my keys are missing im trying to get tele no's of lost property at stansted ryanair any help please i know they have to be on the plane like all keys VERY IMPORTANT

Brian Applegate

0034 617156615 for any info


91986290, 2011-08-01, 01:01PM CDT

u should ring green cabs they receive any lost property found on ryanair flights.

Robert M., 2012-09-27, 12:13PM CDT

Hello Ryanair representative, my son forgot his little camera Nikon Coolpix L25 on the plane from Treviso, flight no. FR1938 on Wednesday night 26th. He sat on the right side somewhere between row 20 and 23. The camera is black in a small black textile bag and it was attached to the seat belt. The pictures taken are more of a sentimental value then otherwise. Is it possible to talk to cabin crew, or how do you do in this situation?

Please can you help us to recall the camera?

Best Regards

Robert Mlakar, September 27, 2012

0046 70 373 5680, for any info

817295ac, 2012-09-29, 10:38AM CDT

Hi my name is Laura I lost a small pink purse with laura written on it !!!! approx 200/250 euro in it on flight FR1347 Tenerife Shannon on thurs 27th sept 2012 ring 00353 087 6964170 tks

Robert M., 2012-10-01, 06:54AM CDT

Thank you very much, every buddy involved in this issue. The Camera is back //Robert

Kenny P., 2013-03-28, 04:00AM CDT

Wow Sam.

This case sounds exact in every detail to mine. Except mine was an ipad. I too was in the tunnel and realised but not permitted to return to the plane. I too was given the procedure for contacting 1st Flight. I did & I emailed them. BUT I did get an email back after 36 hrs saying sorry nothing handled in but will look again tomorrow. Check with Ryanair where the plane went too after you disembarked. (next flight)

d2e1e0fe, 2014-01-03, 01:12PM CST

My daughter has just left her kindle fire on Ryan air flt fr8116 that flew from Nuremberg to Stansted on 3 jan 2014. It slipped between the aisle and central seats in row 28 ABC and she failed to tell me until we had disembarked. It's unlikely to be found in a normal clean - someone needs to look between those seats. It was a present from her dad and she is devastated. She is only 8. How do I get in touch with Ryan air staff to get them to specifically look there. Please help me to get this back for her.

f6136c81, 2014-03-07, 01:25PM CST

I have left my IPHONE 4S on the ryanair flight from LONDON STANSTED to PERUGIA on the 5th of March 2014.

it probably fell out of the pocket of my coat while we were getting off the aircraft and slipped between the central seats in row 8DEF.

i already contacted both the airports and they told me they couldn't find anything and to try to contact ryanair but it seems like there's no customer service number. does anyone know who to contact?

please if you know anything contact me at 0039 334 3210655

thank you

Sara C.

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