Staples Canada On line order bad customer services

Posted on Wednesday, March 21st, 2007 at 9:16pm CDT by 2b80301b

Company: Staples Canada On line order bad customer services

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Staples -Bad customer service and misleading

information with On-Line Order

Item being promoted on their current flyer is NOT

AVIALABLE in any store

NOT SUFFICIENT information and not clear about online


NO CONFIRMATION email when receiving the order

NO indication of the STATUS of the order

BAD ATTITUDE no matter you call them or they call you

DEMAND customer to fax photo ID and credit information

otherwise no shipping

The customer service line DOESN’T really help

Don’t keep their promises

I was looking for a projector on the market and on

Friday, March 16, 2007 evening I saw a Staples flyer

in those weekly flyers pack delivered to our Condo in

Toronto Ontario Canada. On the Staples flyer, there is

a projector that I was interested in, with a $200

discount promotion. How lucky I was! I decided to buy

one from the Staples.

The very next morning, Saturday 17, 2007, I phoned a

number of local Staples Retail Stores in my area and

wanted to make sure they have that projector in stock

then I can pick one up from the store. I was informed

that there is no such projector in stock in any of the

store in Toronto and they told me that I have to order

it on-line. What a trick! Although being promoted on

the weekly flyer, such item is not available in any of

their local stores!!!!

I didn’t mind on-line ordering because I have had

experiences with on-line purchasing from different

companies and individuals before. I went to Staples

website and put an order in, you know, with all the

information they require, name, credit card, address,

phone number, staples dividend number, etc. I got my

order number. On their website, it states that any

order received on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped

out on Tuesday.

I didn’t receive any response, not even a confirmation

email from Staple on Saturday or Sunday. On Monday

morning March 19, I went onto their website to check

my order history to see what’s going on with my order.

The order is there but there is no indication of its

status. I then called their customer service number to

ask when the item will be shipped to me. The guy who

answered my call was impatient. He didn’t ask me for

my order number or anything, then he said if I ordered

on Saturday, it will be shipped to me between 9 am and

5 pm on Tuesday. I asked him if later I decided to

return the item, can I bring it back to a local store

(because I couldn’t find information about on-line

order and return on their website)? He said I can

simply call the number again or I can bring it back to

the store.

Tuesday, March 20, I was all exciting, expecting my

new projector to arrive at home. I received a phone

call around 9:45 am. The lady said she was calling

from Staples and asked me whether I have received her

email sent out yesterday. She said she sent it out

around 12 pm Monday asking me to confirm that I will

be present with photo ID and credit card when they

ship it to me. I expressed that I didn’t receive her

email but I have called their customer service number

and was told the item will arrive between 9 am and 5

pm today. She asked me who did you speak to? I said I

don’t know his name but it was a guy. I told her I

spare a day today to wait for the item to arrive

because I was told to do so and I will not be

available tomorrow. She said if I can fax my photo ID

and my credit card information to them, they might be

able to try to ship it to me today, otherwise, it will

be tomorrow. I told her I don’t have a fax machine,

and asked her why if they ship it today, they need me

to fax the ID and credit card information, but why it

is not required if ship tomorrow. She said it is the

policy to protect my rights because they don’t know if

the credit card I use was stolen or not. I asked them

if I can pick it up at a store today, they said maybe

but I have to fax my ID and credit card to her. What

logic is it? I gave my credit card info when I ordered

the item on Saturday and I will be available in person

at home or at their store today. I then ask her how

would I know if it is secure for me to fax my

information to her? She couldn’t answer it at all. Are

they really calling from Staples, I wondered?

Then I ask to speak to her supervisor. Her name is

Karen. I express my concern about the item not being

able to ship to me today but I was told that I can get

it today. She said there is no way the item can be

shipped to me today. I expressed that I saw their

flyer and was very willing to buy it at their store

but I was told to order it on-line. I also explained

that I was told by their staff that the item will be

shipped to me today. She responded “But I am not

responsible for those!!!” I said to her, “but this

shows the way Staples is carrying its business.” Then,

filled up with frustration and their bad attitude, I

said since I cannot get the item I suppose to get

today, I want to cancel my order. She said “OK!” and

hung up on me.

I went on-line after talking to her to check my inbox.

There is a short email sent on Monday at 12:29 from

COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_64792# stating “Please be aware that

the order you have placed with Staples is currently on

hold. We need to confirm that the cardholder will be

present at the delivery address with photo i.d. and

the credit card to sign for the order. If this is not

possible, we are unable to drop off the product.

Please call our Customer Service Representatives at

Staples at 1-800-668-6888 and confirm that the above

will be possible. Please refer to order # 5401738620

this order will only remain on hold until 6pm.


I email them back stating my concerns again and the

fact that I have canceled the order. Anyway, it looks

like they don’t really want to do business anyway. The

item only remains on hold until 6 pm on Monday!!! BUT

I HAVE PAID!!!! They just REFUSE to ship it to me on

the date they suppose to ship it. They broke their

promises and then accuse me of the possibility of

stealing someone else’s credit card? If they really

want to do business, why couldn’t they call me on

Monday right away to ensure smooth shipping on

Tuesday? Why did the guy on Monday told me it will be

shipped on Tuesday? A projector is only 3 kg and why

can’t they ship it to me on the date they promised?

I called my credit card company later in the afternoon

to check my transaction history. Staples has charged

me for the twelve hundred something dollar. I

immediately explained the situation to my credit card

company and they will help me to charge Staples back

the same amount of money.

All the troubles, does it worth it to purchase

anything from Staples on-line? No. I am extremely

disappointed. I thought they are bigger company and

usually I got good service at their local store. This

experience is by far the worst I had shopping on-line

so far. I am willing to pay, but they are not willing

to ship it to me…..what a shame. They don’t even honor

their own promises but blame the customers for it.


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