Ol'Roy Gravy Canned Dog Food

Posted on Tuesday, March 20th, 2007 at 10:51pm CDT by ebb3c383

Company: Ol'Roy Gravy Canned Dog Food

Category: Pets, Animals

Purchased at Wal_Mart in Omak Wash. After feeding Ol"Roy dog food,my dog he has suffered with Urinary problems, excess thirst, vomiting and being lethargic. Lois Rothrock, P.O Box 31 Loomis, Wash. 98827


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ab10e545, 2008-02-13, 11:54AM CST

I purchased Ol' Roy canned dog food from Walmart York PA, after 1 week my dog was drinking in excess, stopped eating and died of kidney failure days later on 1/30/08, then the dog across the street had the same symptoms drinking in excess for about 1 day, today they woke up and found her dead. What is going on with this food? My dog was like my child and my heart is broken, something needs to be done.

1461ee6b, 2008-09-28, 03:17PM CDT

The Ol'Roy dog food that was purchased at Wal-Mart in which the dog has suffered urinary problems may have been recalled due to melamine contamination. The dog food has wheat gluten that were contaminated with melamine that were used as ingredients. This contamination may have caused those symptoms.

16e56793, 2013-05-15, 12:30PM CDT

We have 4 70-pound dogs and live in very rural Texas on a sheep ranch. Our closest town is an hour and 1/2 round trip away. That closest town is where we bought a 50# bag of Old Roy Compete Nutrition on 5-12-2012. We opened the bag two days later to find a clump, a little over 2 inches long, of moist kibble with two kinds of mold on it. I did some googling and found a similar photo taken from another bag of Ol Roy stating that clump had mouse teeth in it.

Living where we do, we make sure we are stocked with enough daily products to last for at least a week. We cannot make quick trips to the store. I was not about to feed my doggies from that nasty bag, and fed them cat food with bread last night. Today we had to make an emergency trip to town to purchase dog food. Purina!

Customer Service at Ol Roy is sending us a check to cover the price of the bad bag, but are not including the tax we had to pay at the store.

Because of the distance we have to drive to purchase an emergency bag of dog food, I felt Ol Roy should compensate up for the time and gas. They refused.

I am NOT a happy camper, and I will NEVER purchase Ol Roy for my doggie kiddos!

I wish I could display a photo of the moldy kibble here on this site.

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