Digital River & Trend Micro Antivirus PC-cillian 2007

Posted on Tuesday, March 20th, 2007 at 6:25pm CDT by afab6618

Company: Digital River & Trend Micro Antivirus PC-cillian 2007

Category: Other

I attempted to purchase PC-cillian 2007 from Trend Micro through Digital River and it was the worst on-line purchase experience I have ever had. The download provided was only a 30 trial not the one year subscription I paid for and sorting this out via email proved to be impossible.

Digital River eventually gave up and referred me to Trend Micro Support. After several attempts at email with Trend Micro over a period of 18 days I gave up and callled their 1-(800) 864-6027 telephone number.

After several periods of busy signals from the 800 number I finally got connected and then after waiting on hold for 15 minutes I was connected to a human. To their credit, the human was able to resolve the problem but the effort required on my part was more than the average person could bear.

I will never buy another product through Digital River, no product what-so-ever. If it's not available elsewhere I won't buy it. As for Trend Micro, I will re-evaluate my antivirus software options before considering renewing their product. One thing for sure, I won't renew through Digital River so if that's the only option I'll pick a different software.



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