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Posted on Tuesday, March 20th, 2007 at 7:23am CDT by d4220144

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I had got my Bajaj Pulsar "KA 05 EU 4862" serviced from Dewan Bajaj on this

Saturday, ie. 17th March.

Dewan Bajaj

RZF 1/1Dwarka

Palam Village, Delhi - 110045

Phone: +91-11 20538316, 20538317, 20538318

I was surprised when they were not able to provide me a key for the bike at

the end of the servicing!!!

I was told that my key has probably gone to a different person who has

taken away my key as well as his!!!

At the end of it, the service people hacked my bike's wires and got it to

start without a key!

And I had to take my bike without the key and start using the duplicate

key. I was told that I will be

delivered the key once they are able to contact that person.

I had called up again on Sunday on my own, only to be told by a certain

"Ashu" that the person's no.

is unreachable since yesterday and they are trying to find his address.

Till today, I have not received any call from them regarding the key.

Now, I am running my bike with a duplicate key, having lost the original

key for no fault of mine.

I did like to know if this is the way Bajaj Service works and if there is

anyone in Bajaj who has

any sense for customer satisfaction.




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eb33bda8, 2009-01-22, 12:13AM CST

Dear Rajeev Bajaj,

I purchased a BAJAJ PULSAR 150 on the 26/01/08 from FAIR DEAL , is named as NISAR AHMED.And the no. being DL 35 BC 3234..After just 3 months i started to have problem in the shoker.I started to experience noise from the seemed to me that the shoker was broken.I went to daryaganj with my problem but came to know that the workshop has shifted to Patparganj .I had already purchased a citi bike from the same place but was not satisfied with the service.I gt the second servicing of bajaj pulsar done from M B AUTOMOBILES.,as the place is near to my home(malviya nagar).When i went to Patparganj and registered my complaint they asked me to cum the next day..It happened for three consecutive times..They just had an answer that the shoker is not in stock and cum next time.I gt their no to find out whether the shoker has cum into stock.When i called they asked me to come..N when i reached they told me to gt it changed from the place you have gt your bike serviced .I did not understand why these people asked me to cum so many times if they had no answer to my problem..Then i went to the place which was close to my house,where these people asked me to go.but to my dissappointment thses people too asked me to go and get the servicing done from where i hav purchased..I went back dissappointed from this place too..At last after 4 days i got hold of a no. of MR RAJESH SINGH.When i called him and told my problem he said to me its of no use.I told him i will be going to consumer court next..but he did not give me a gud answer.

Atlast i m sending you this mail to find a solution to my problem.If this too doesnt work m sorry but i will straight be going to the consumer court. Its not even been 10 months since i have purchased this bike.and m not atall satisfied with it.I have purchased more than 4 bikes from this showroom,but still not been able to form a gud relation with you.I m sorry to say but the work of a bajaj authorised is to to understand and solve the problems of consumer and not to mentally and physically torture the purchaser

I end this mail hoping for a positive response from your side

Thanking you

Anwar Ali

Asstt. Admin Mgr.


Coountry Vacations

A Devision of Country Club (India) Ltd.

Address whr i got my bike serviced near my place





[email protected]

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