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Posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2007 at 4:01pm CST by 55e17650

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I purchased the Devotion necklace at a jewelry party on November 4, 2006. I was told that the jewelry would be in around 3 weeks. It was the beginning of December and I called Lia Sophia to check on the status of my order. The girl that took my call stated that my necklace was on back order but was going to be mailed out that week. Well, I was expecting my necklace to be in later that week and it wasn't. Pretty soon it is the beginning of January and the girl that hosted the party said it hadn't been mailed to her house yet. The advisor for Lia Sophia contacted me to see if my necklace arrived and I said no. She said she would call the company and see where it was. I told her I had called already Lia Sophia and that it was supposed to have been mailed out. I called Lia Sophia again in the middle of February and I spoke with a lady that said my necklace WASN'T on back order and that she would mail it out later that week. I asked her why it had been sitting there for 3 1/2 months and not been shipped yet. She said she didn't know. I told her to mail it to MY home address and she said she would make a note of that. Well, I was supposed to have received it sometime last week, so when I didn't, I decided to call AGAIN for a third time. I called today, March 2 and a lady told me it was already shipped out and received by the advisor that held the party. I told her that I called a few weeks ago and told them to mail it to MY house! I have been waiting 4 MONTHS now for my necklace that was NEVER on back order anyway! It wasn't mailed out the first time when it was supposedly on back order, and then the second time it was not mailed to my house. This is getting ridiculous!! I would like for a manager or supervisor to contact me ASAP please, either by e-mail or by phone. I feel like the customer service at Lia Sophia is unacceptable and if I were to work there, I would never treat a customer like this. Please contact me soon. Thank you.



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2b0da31a, 2008-06-10, 11:59PM CDT


I was just doing some web surfing and ran across your letter of complaint about you experience with Lia Sophia. I am so sorry that happened. I guess with any large company, some things slip through the cracks, but let me assure you that customer service is a number one priority with Lia Sophia. The advisor really should have followed up and taken care of the problem for you. I hope you are still a loyal customer. If not, I would love to have the opportunity to win you back. Please visit my website and take a look at the current catalog. I'm sure you will find something there that you like, and I will give you $15 off your order. Just click on "Our Jewelry" and then on the Spring/Summer catalog. There will be a place to click that will walk you through the ordering process. You can enlarge the pictures to get a better view of the jewelry. When you are asked for the name of the hostess, just put my first and last name in the appropriate boxes. Make sure you enter your mailing address, as the shipment will come directly to you. And include your phone number or email address where I can reach you if I have any questions about your order. I hope I can make up for your bad experience.


Connie Nies


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a343f7bc, 2008-06-17, 07:43PM CDT

I am very upset with Lia Sophia and am trying to find a place to get the word out. I bought a pair of earrings (among other things) and, yes, the products arrived and they were fine. The problem is that I wear the fish hook kind of earrings because I have severe arthritis in my hands and cannot use post earrings (can't get the backing on the post). Likewise, I can't put that little tiny backing on the fish hook ones. I have been wearing this type of earring for years and never lost one but, wouldn't you know, I lost one of these the first day I wore them. I called to try and order just one (and am willing to pay for it)but they won't let me. So, I have 1 earring and I will not buy another pair. If they were a decent company, they would allow me to purchase the 1. Partylite lets you replace one part of something.... Other companies do too. Lia Sophia does not care about customers and I won't do business with them again.

a854f542, 2010-01-07, 02:20PM CST

I'm not a happy customer either. I received a pair of beautiful LS earring as a Christmas 2009 gift. After wearing them ONCE the post broke off one of the earrings. I called customer service and they told me that they need the receipt. Great! Now I have to contact the woman who gave me the gift and see if she has it, get it from her all so I can return something that was obviously NOT made well. Personally I would rather throw it in the trash - as that is where the company deserves to be with their difficult return policy. I don't want my friend to wonder why I am not wearing her gift though. Thanks LS for making your CRAPPY jewelry MY problem. I am sure that your run-around of a return policy helps you keep returns to a bare minimum. Great strategy! You lost at least one customer with it though!

ef914d47, 2010-04-20, 09:41PM CDT

I just wanted to respond to this HOPING that someone as well would be able to help me out. About two weeks ago, I decided to have my very first Lia Sophia party. I was so excited to invite everyone over and show them all of the beautiful jewelry. I had somewhere near 10 guests and a total of 700.00 in orders including bookings. Now, I told the Lia Sophia advisor I was working with at the time -that I was also interested in being a representative. She was excited as well because I would be her first sales rep. under her. It wasn't until last minute, 2 weeks before the end of the month , and $700 dollars later..that she had told me I needed to have 5 bookings for the "excellent beginning program". I told her I would not be able to do this because it was completely last minute and I could only find two. She told me I was no longer able to be a sales rep. for Lia Sophia. I called the customer service line and they said they have never heard of this..and that I can just buy the kit online for only 99$ and be able to sell by myself ( so why go through all this trouble!?!)..also I found out reading a brochure that she will be getting paid a 300$ premium for this..wait a minute, HAH no wonder she wanted me to book 5 parties!! Wouldn't you be furious if someone gave you this misconception?? I now have to tell everyone that not only will their jewelry be late but I also have to cancel two of their parties because I can't get into this "club". I feel completely and totally disgusted. What a waste of time, and money.

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