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Posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2007 at 9:47am CST by d3ae35dd

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I was at home enjoying my time off between Christmas and New Year. A

gentleman knocked on the door to tell me about FIO's from verizon.

I decided to sign up for the internet service. I was told I had 30 days

to try it and if it didn't work I could cancel.

I was at work when the technician came to do the install. When I got

home I was disappointed. He left items all over the place.

I tried to use my Lap top and it would not connect through the new

router. I called tech support after spending 2 hours on the phone I

decided to cancel the service.

The next day someone called and said they will try to fix my problem.

After another hour on the phone I told them I definately want to

cancel. There sent me the label to use for the return of the router.

They got it and and still charged me. I have been trying to get my

money back for almost two months now. When you call nobody answers the

phone in the billing department. If you call any other number they tell

you how sorry they are and try to sell you something else.

I work hard for my money I even asked how much interest they will give

me for keeping my money this long. I know it is $29.13 but just imagine

1000 customers going through the same thing how much is Verizon getting

away with


Victor from Pittsburgh


94b35ecd, 2008-07-15, 11:10AM CDT

I have finally given up on Fios Internet. I signed up Sept 2007 and I am cancelling July 2008! After calling each month about connection problems I am reminded that I signed a 2 year contract and now will be charged $175 termination fee and I cannot go back to DSL because once you have Fios fiber optic installed, you CANNOT go back to copper phone lines. I am now SCREWED from getting any reliable internet because of VERIZON.

Don't fall for this option, I should have stuck to DSL. Now I can't get internet service from Verizon unless it is great technology here!!

1f935763, 2009-07-14, 09:05PM CDT

you could have plugged in your lap top and gone to the vz site learn about essid and wep keys.Who was home during the install?i bet the laptop wasn't "home" or was password protected.

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