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Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2007 at 3:09pm CDT by 243197dc

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Rialto Police Department

Willow Avenue

Rialto, CA 92376

I have a restrainng order of protection against a associate that I met, which was intimate for periodic times within the last four years. And now the person is stalking me. I file my restraining order with the Rialto Police Department, and I assumed that they were doing their job of protecting me. The restrained person has constantly stalked, and left messages, on my car and sent letter's to me threw US mail. Everysince December, I have had to call the police department on this guy.

They have came out and taken complaints, and I felt safe. But they never even called this person except for to inform to him what they were going to do with me. He, (restrained person) left a message on my car that he had talked with the Rialto Police Department, and that he had fixed things where if I call or report anything on him that he would get me later. And being that he was formerly a policeman himself, they would not do anything to him, but keep his name clear and safe. Because he was one of their comrades.

The reason for my complaint is that what he told me is true. On 03/17/07 I went to the Rialto Police Department to give them once again, a message of threat he had left on my vehicle. At first they refuced to see me, because it was the weekend. I was consistent so they had me wait for the Sargent. The Sargent came out to speak with me in about 15 minutes later. He had me sit down, and would not let me say a word. He commanded me to shut up and listen to him. And that is what I did.

He told me to not call the department, or bring in any more messages from the person I have the restraining order on, because they were not going to do nothing!! He told me, and to Police Officers told me, that they felt I was writing the messages and letter's myself. There is a Restraining Order In The System on the restrained person. And the Sargent told me there was nothing in their system. I know its there, because that is the main thing the courts advised me to do right away. File it with my local Police Department.

I tried to explain to the Sargent, that there was a restraining order on file, and he said no!! And that I didn't even have paperwork proving he had been served. Yet everysince the Restraining Order was issued, they have been coming to my home, and was telling me it was being checked into and followed up, and even sent to the DA for a decision. And to sit there and here him tell me that they were not taking any more of my calls or evidence that I have where he leaves messages on my car, I was aplauded. I feel frightened, and unsure of what to do now.

Because the person restrained has open opportunity to do too me what ever he pleases. Just as he said he would. I know that the Rialto Police will no longer protect me from him, and I'm afraid to go anywhere without looking over my back. Being reminded now!! This restrained person threaten to kill me. That is why the judge issued the restraining order. The judge viewed his information, and my information, and I won. Just to have the Police Department where I live, tell me they will no longer take any complaints or evidence of him harrassing me.

And after the Sargent spoke with me on 03/17/07 He stated to me in the most humiliating and daring words, that they were not going to do anything else for me regarding the person I have the restraining order on. And told me I could leave, and got up and dumped his chair over in anger, and went threw the doors back I guess to his office. And that is where I stand right now. I believe his name is Sargent Gibbs. To me, he has actually threatened me not to call them in any way or form, about the restrained person. I need to be heard. Because, just as the person said, that I have the restraining order on, whose name is Arvenson Smith who lives in Moreno Valley at 24666 Conley Court, can do anything he wants to do to me now, the Sargent has given him approval nothing will be done. And he gave me that same information. What can I do for protection now?


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