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To Whom It May Concern,

This is a personal Complait and wanted to share this letter with all on your site regarding my letter to Mr. M. Bell and Dell Financial Services:

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dell Inc.

Attention: Michael Dell

One Dell Way

Round Rock, TX 78682

To Mr. Michael Dell, CEO & Chairman of the Board:

I had an incident that happened in late December 2006 and I wanted to share it in the form of a letter because calling and speaking with your representatives is not working.

In late December 2006 I needed more ink for my Dell Photo AIO Printer 922. So, I called and ordered. I waited for what seemed like weeks, so I decided to call customer services to see what happened to my ink. The customer service representative (csr) looked up my order number and stated that my order had been shipped and delivered to my location. I explained to her that that may be true, however I never received it. She asked me if I wanted to place another order free of charge and I told her yes. After that conversation I waited for days for my second shipment of ink and still nothing. I received a statement days after that with a charge of the ink, ($85.76 to be exact). I called again and I think this day I was transferred to about four (csr), I was on the phone for about 54 minutes. One of the (csr) had apologized and asked me if I wanted to reorder. At that point I was really fed up so I told her no. As you can imagine, I was very disappointed. This situation at that point had nothing to do with the ink I had previously ordered. It had to do with how customers are handled. It’s not to say that I received bad customer service, all of your (csr) were all very kind. However, there is certainly a language barrier! After all this, they asked for my e-mail address so that they could email me what had just taken place. As you can see from the copies I made, who they greeted in the e-mail was not me, even though they sent it to me. (I have attached for your review.)

After about a month went by there was still nothing, not even an invoice. Then I called and asked what my amount due would be for the month and to send me another copy of my statement because I had not received it. The lady at the other end had told me that from her office, she could not send me another statement and that I would need to be transferred yet again to another department to request a duplicate of my statement that you all had not sent. Finally, reaching my destination after many minutes, the second csr told me that a ‘reprint’ would be sent out, but that it would take another billing cycle. I was frustrated to my wits end and told her whatever, just send it so that I can pay my monthly bill!

After weeks, I received a phone call from collections on an early Saturday morning while I was asleep. I told her that I would call back, but she rudely told me if I could just make a payment the situation would be managed. By this time I was widely awaken, angry and explained to her what had taken place in December 2006 about the ink. She asked me to verify my name, address and ss# and I told her she should, since she called me and that there was some kind of miscommunication and that I sent in a $40 payment. She did not budge and told me I needed to make another $70 payment to catch up on the $110 late payment. I told her I disagreed and that I am not sure why there is a late payment there. From that conversation she had contacted a credit bureau regarding my ‘lateness of two months’ after months of making payments.

It’s a shame that as big as the Dell Corporation is that each department has no idea of what’s going on with your customers. Each department from what I had been told has different software systems. When I mentioned my incident to your collections (csr) she said she didn’t know what I was talking about! I am not stating all of this to act like I’m perfect or that I’m never late. However, when I am late I am not afraid to call your customer service department to work something out. In the past they kindly taken off the late fees and accepted my payment. I also want to mention that I am very organized and keep my invoices stapled to the money order receipt that I send in. This is in case there is an issue, there is always documentation.

What I think happened only two months ago was that one of your (csr) mixed my information up with another customer. I clearly remember in one of my conversation with the (csr) that she couldn’t find my phone number, order number and to verify all of my personal information.

I’m not quite sure how I want this situation handled. One thing that would be nice is if the collections department would stop calling my home. I finally got my statement after the reprint and I know what my obligations are to Dell. I know how to call if I have any concerns or comments. After I get my laptop paid off, I will never do business with Dell again. Actually I can’t do business with you all since I was ‘late two months in a row & my credit privileges have been suspended’. I’m sure that it doesn’t matter to you all about my letter; you might just think ‘it’s just another disgruntled customer having a bad day’. Well, I’m actually having a fabulous day and this is only my opinion, to address my concerns. I hope that you have a department of quality control and that my letter is sent there and looked at. I’m sure my situation is one of many and that it gets taken seriously.

Thanks for your time in this matter,

Lu Brooks

Cc: Michael Dell – CEO & Chairman of the Board

Dell Financial Services, Carol Stream, IL and Austin, TX locations



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