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Posted on Sunday, March 18th, 2007 at 8:02am CDT by ead6fc6b

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To who it may concern:

We purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator on March 12th 2002 and have just been informed that our "warranty" that covers the compressor, etc. (for 5 Years from date of purchase, not delivery date) will not cover the compressor failure on March 14th 2007.

We called the our repair company on March 13th as no "Authorized" Frigidaire repair company was listed in the Cincinnati, Ohio Yellow Pages.

We were told by our excellent, professional, repair company, that it would be best that we call Frigidaire because their repair department was not Frigidaire factory trained, and did not have the necessary parts.

After paying a $94 service + time call we phoned Frigidaire only to find out there was nothing they (Frigidaire) could do as the unit was out of warranty.

I was told that if I disputed their decision, I should go ahead and have it repaired and then they would decide then if my claim ( about $800 parts and labor ) was valid.

Needless to say, we purchased a new, different, more dependable, and trustworthy brand.

Don Johnson


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