Car Wash at Mobil Gas Station

Posted on Friday, March 16th, 2007 at 2:22pm CDT by 86ca9533

Company: Car Wash at Mobil Gas Station

Category: Other

Business Location: Seal Beach Mobil, 12240 Seal Beach Blvd., Seal Beach CA

Date happened: March 15, 2007

Complaint: I was not refunded for a very bad car wash service


I live in Los Angeles, that is 29 miles to Seal Beach where I had to meet a friend to have a dinner. Since my frined was running late, I decided to do a car wash but I preferred a free-touch or no-touch service since I did not want to come down. My friend suggested Seal beach Mobil.

At 19:25, I arrived at the location. They have a banner that says Touch -Free car wash with $.10 discount for every gallon of gas purchased. I then decided to purchase gas along with the car wash. Because i had no much time to stay there, I chose the Express that costs $7. I had been to similar car wash. Thier Express costs only $5. But it is not the cost that I am complaining about. It is the violation of my right as a consumer to be properly informed about the poor outcome of the service and how it will be conducted.

When I went inside, I thought it would take at least two or three minutes to wash my car. It turned out that, it was so express, express enough that before I knew the machine was done. In fact, out of no where, I had commented "that's it?"...

I drove out of the machine and checked if the machine did right. Why it was so fast? and how come I see my car windows still soaked with water? From inside my car, it looked to me like I did not get what I expected from thier ad "Touch-Free". True enough, my car was still soaked with water and worst, is that the foam soap still all over the top of my car dripping down. The bird's poop was still there on my car's hood. It was unacceptable.I had been to similar car wash, in fact it is also a Mobil car wash in different location, but I have never experienced similar service outcome that is very poor.

I went inside the store and I told the lady that I was not satisfied with the service at all as my car was still soaked with water and soap. I invited her to take a look at it but she said, oh, I don't need to see it. The guy should be there to assist you. Then i said, what guy? It was the machine who was there, not a guy. Then she said that there is a guy who helps with the car wash. I said how can that be when it says on your ad it's a Touch-Free car wash. It means that I drive in and the machine will do the foaming upto drying. Well, my car is still soaked with water and soap. She said I can drive back in the wash. I said, what makes the difference? If I drive back in, I will still come out soaked with water and soap. I demended a refund because I will look for a better car wash service. She said that I have to talk to the manager. I said where is the manager. She said that he will be here tomorrow. I said, I live in LA and I can not come here just to meet your manager for a refund of $7. At this point, I knew that it was not right that for a very poor service, I had to pay $7 and not be refunded for the dissatisfaction and agreed poor service. I further believed that my consumer right to be properly informed was violated when they had a banner that says "Touch-Free", that means the machine will do the work and once done, I just have to drive away not soaked with water and soap. Had it been written next to the banner that I will come out soaked with water and soap, believe me, I will not be damn enough to purchase thier service.

This kind of business mal practice should not be tolerated. It may involved a few dollars, but it is not the amount. It is the right that was violated.

I wanted to seek redress and I am seeking help from any group promoting consumenr rights. When I left the store, I told the lady that I will be filing complaint and she was laughing hard sarcastically saying that oh, go ahead with your complaint and here is my name and my store manager's name. To laugh out loud and sarcastic was not proper at all.

I am researching now to find which agency should I file this complaint. It is for the good of the people of Seal Beach who use this establishment. A lot of them may have been a vicitm but becuase of the amount involved, they may not care or may not have the time to do the same as I am doing now.


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