Rite Aid Store # 1805 American Express Gift Card Fraud

Posted on Thursday, March 15th, 2007 at 5:05pm CDT by 1039debe

Company: Rite Aid Store # 1805 American Express Gift Card Fraud

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To whom it may concern:

It is with frustration that I write this letter after over a month in dealing with Dave Peters, Regional Manager, of store #1805 regarding the sale of a defective $100 American Express gift card.

I originally purchased the card on December 23rd, 2006 as a Christmas gift for my 17 year old nephew who resides in Florida. While purchasing the card, there was a delay "activating" it and the cashier requested assistance from store manager Julio Lopez. After his "activation" of the card, the transaction was complete. Well, surprise, when my nephew received the card and tried to activate/authorize it, he was told by American Express that it was not possible due to it being incorrectly "activated" during purchase. On 12/31/06 American Express instructed my nephew Rite Aid would have to remedy.

I then returned to the store in early January and was told by Julio Lopez that my nephew had to return the card to me and I had to bring this in with the receipt to remedy the situation. So I mailed a check to my nephew to make up for the defective card as he had just moved into his first apartment and was in need of the funds that the card was to provide. After my 17 year old nephew returned the card, I returned to Store # 1805 with card and receipt and was told "nothing could be done" by the other store manager Helen Islam - this was on February 4th. I asked her to call American Express and Julio Lopez as I was told by both that this was the only way to get a refund. She insisted there was nothing to do but per my request she called American Express and after 20 minutes said I would have to come back when Julio Lopez was on duty.

I then returned the following week where I was told by Helen Islam (Julio Lopez was not on duty) that she had confirmed with Julio Lopez that there was nothing they could do and I could not receive a refund.

Finally, I contacted your customer phone support on 2/10/07 . After describing the above and giving the transaction number and receipt information I was given Dave Peters contact information and was told that he would remedy the situation.

I received a phone message from Dave Peters the week of 2/12 and was told he would FedEx a new card.

As of 3/15/07, and ~10 messages left with his assistant Jessica, I am still without refund or replacement.

I have just spoken again with Dave Peters assistant Jessica who assures me (once again) that it will go out this week (excuse this time was that Dave Peters was on vacation, the previous excuse was that he was in meetings and then traveling). Today I relayed to Jessica that I have spoken to American Express and they have indicated they would refund the card if I file for Fraud; she advised the card would go out tomorrow. I am quite doubtful that this card will be shipped on the 16th, as I am sure you would be as well, and I will have to move forward with a fraud investigation and contact the Better Business Bureau.

It is clear that Rite Aid's lack of customer service does not just begin or end at the store level.

Any assistance you would have in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I remain bewildered,

F. Curry

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6c72b80b, 2009-02-13, 08:47AM CST

Biggest Fraud Case?

Sent: Wed 2/11/09 10:59 PM

To: [email protected]

I purchased American Express gift cards for Chrismas and submited the entries

within the time period stated on the form everything was legible and within

time period. I had submitted two entries to your

free gas card promotion. What are the chances for getting both entries incorrectly

entered getting the both requests denied letters. It was a fraud to sell the gift cards.

I am disappointed that a big company like American express is frauding people to stay alive. The reason I chose to give AMX gift cards this year 2008 was the Gas Card.

Have I known it was a fraud I would have never bought, any how I know better next time.

I have two business american express cards and one personal I will be getting

rid of them next. So good luck I will also be spread the word of your the fraud on the internet next.

Rose Sharma

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