Charter Communications' SCAM

Posted on Thursday, March 15th, 2007 at 6:38pm CDT by 8608a400

Company: Charter Communications' SCAM

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Once again I have been duped by Charter Communications! After years of being abused by their poor service in Michigan I finally had them disconnect me. That lasted for about two years. They mailed me an offer that sounded too good to be true and sure enough, it proved so. I was to get basic cable for $9.99 per month for a year and have as many t.v.'s connected for free at time of hook up. It was understood at that time that I had the need for all new hook ups and wanted the walls fished in a professional manner by the installer and was PROMISED by the salesman that it would be done as such.This is a detail that I made certain was clear before I set up the appointment. I took off the day from work and waited til late in the evening for him to show and when he did I knew I was in for trouble. The man looked frustrated and walked strasight past me as if I was nobody and began complaining about how late it already was and the ensuing rain, etc, etc...he plain didn't want to be here. When I informed him what rooms I wanted done he blew a gasket and told me that each room would be $40 each!! I got on a phone and he got on a phone and it was decided that they were not about to do my house as was promiosed, playing it all off as if it was a big misunderstanding. It was not! This was an intentional mishap planned from the get go. Charter isn't going to make anything on $9.99 basic programs plus free installations and 3 hookups, so they scam me to get me to hook up AT LEAST ONE out let then promise to come back and do the rest later. Bullsh@T! IT IS A SCAM ! Try to call their complaint department and you'll be put on hold until you are disconnected. It happened two years ago and it still happens today. I wasted my day and about 45 minutes airtime on a cell phone. I WaNT Justice. I want a way to hurt them in their pocket book. I'm out hundreds of dollars in "imaginary" money (the smart-ass operator says this when I call to complain, because my potential income lost and airtime minutes weren't money in hand) and a good day was turned to sheer madness! There is no where to turn, no way to derive satisfaction, but am hopinbg some terrorist is approached by Charter in the interim and praise be allah...


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adecaa42, 2009-02-16, 09:23AM CST

You're an idiot. I can't stand people like you who want the world handed to them on a silver platter. The deals is to have as many tvs as you want connected, not installation for as many as you want. You're getting cable for 10 bucks a month you crying sap! Shut up.

790102e9, 2009-02-19, 11:01AM CST

File a complaint with the better business bureau and consumer protection. I did the once because I was having no success dealing with a cell phone company. After they got me to extend my contract for another year at one price, they raised my monthly fee. Of course, this monthly fee was much higher than my contracted price; so I told them that I agreed to extend my contract and that this new monthly fee was not what I contracted for if they were going to charge me more than my contracted fee (which I kept my contract) than I did not wish to extend my contract. I told my to discontinue my service. I could not even get the to discontinue my service. They would tell me I had to send an email, then that I had to call, after several emails and phone calls. We finally went and got service from another company and physically turned off the old phones and stopped using them. I then sent an email informing them that I had physcially turned off the phone and got service from another company. They then called me. How about that! They then said they would lower the monthly fee back to my contracted amount. I told them that it was too late for that that I was already contracted with another company. They of course wanted to charge us an outrageous early termination fee which I was not about to paid and did not want to go on my credit report, so I file a complaint with Consumer Protection. They then called me and was trying to get me to agree to pay part of the fee. I said no. I was taping the phone call like they always say they are taping us. When she realized this she got nervous and told me to stop taping her and put me on hold. When she came back, she agreed to reverse all the early disconnection fee and zero out my account. They later had a class action suit filed against them for this and lost. They had repay everyone they did this too. I was not apart of it though because I did not let them get away with it when it happened. So, if you cannot work out something with the company, file a complaint. They do want you to tried to come to an agreement with the company first. I did many times, and if they had honored my contract, they may have still had my service 5 years later instead of the company that I had to switch to. Which now we have 5 lines instead of the 3 we had at that time. They lost business because of greed and unlawful practices. Try to work it out if you cannot file a complaint. I would tell them that you are doing just that trying to get them to honor their contract otherwise you are going to file a complaint with the BBB and consumer protection. It is not that you do no want their service but that you want them to honor the offer you accepted.

3d2596e0, 2010-07-21, 10:11AM CDT

Its called business, do you really think a company is going to spend hours at your home running cable for 9.99/month. so you got duped by a salesman, it happens all the time. i work for AT&T in the Quality Control department and see this all the time. some salesmen will say anything for a sale. these reps ARE dealt with, but it is not uncommon at all to be charged for wall fish. heck $40/room sounds like a very resonable price, we charge $59.99/room. im not sticking up for charter, i just hear the same thing day after day here for the same issues.

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