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Posted on Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 at 12:12am CDT by d678a7bd

Company: GNC bad service issue

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This is the letter that I wrote to GNC about their service and I got email from them saying that there's nothing they can do! I'm no longer GNC customer.

To whom it may concern

I have been your loyal customer, ever since. According to some latest copied proofs that I attach or the membership data you may have been recording in system, I can say my family has spent more than $1,000 a year on GNC supplements. We have bought your supplements month to month respectively, so far. Unfortunately, I believe I can not be stable with this loyalty anymore because of an unacceptable incident with your staff.

On Wednesday January 03, 2007 at 9.15 pm, I went to the GNC store located at the Northgate mall, Seattle to change a supplement, weight gainer 2200, which is never opened, yet. I showed the clerk, named Eugene Lim, the shipping slip. He got the flavor I wanted and asked me for the gold card to process. I tell him I used my brother's card when I placed that order from the internet, so the card is not with me but my brother. However, I have written the card number on the shipping slip, so he was able to process the exchange. While he is processing, I see a product sitting counter. It is Slendertone Flex abdominal belt which I have seen commercial on TV. I tell him that I would like to buy it.

He gives me a form to fill out and says "give me your information and when you come next time, you don't need to bring your card". So, I ask him "what is this? Is it free?" and he says "Yeah, it's free!". I thought he needed my brother's information to record into system. So, I write my brother name and all his information into the form and give him my credit card. After I got my receipt, I looked at it and see I got charged for the gold card membership, again.

I am uncertain about what it is, so I ask him "What is this gold card charge? You told me it was free" He still says "it's free" Then, I ask him, again "why do I still have a charge for applying a new card?" He says "I didn't charge you anything. You got the discount from applying a new card, so you didn't pay for the card"

It just did not seem right to me, so I told him to forget about it and credit back my credit card. He says he can not do anything more about it because everything was already processed. Nevertheless, I insist that I would like to get my credit back. He is very angry at me and calls to someone that I assume is his manager. It took a long time, and he finally put me on to talk with his manager named Cory. I tell her my family has a card, so I do not need another card. After he hangs up, he gives my credit back. I got the return slip, sign and write my telephone number. While I am about to write the reason why I return in the comment section of the return slip, he snaps the return slip away from me.

I say to him "Give me that back" and he says "You're done. You can leave, now" I say "What about the belt? I want to buy it". "You want to buy the belt! I won't sell it to you. You have to leave, now" He says repeatedly. "Why don't you sell me the belt" I ask him. Again, He makes a phone call to his manager. Then, he asks me while his manager is also on the phone "Do you want to return it, later" I say "Maybe". He hangs up the phone and says "I don't sell the belt to you. Good bye" I say "What about my credit receipt? I'm not leaving if you don't give back my credit receipt" He says "They are mine and have to be here. You can't take them. You have to leave now otherwise I am going to call security" I say "Well, go ahead" Then, he calls the security. While the security is coming, he says "I keep them, now and I don't give them to you. You have nothing to prove". The security arrives and asks me to leave. Therefore I have to leave the store with no receipt proof as well as the product I would like to buy.

However, I did get the GNC gold card enrollment form, and I am attaching a copy. So now you know what happened to me at your Northgate store in Seattle. I have been a loyal customer for years, and I was shocked at Mr. Lim's behavior. To simply call security as a way of resolving a simple dispute was cowardly and downright mean.

Unless I receive an apology from him, I will take my business elsewhere. Hopefully, you will at least instruct him in more courteous customer relations.



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2b9a8756, 2009-12-26, 11:54AM CST

GNC has the absolute worst in-store customer service I have ever received in my entire life. I don't know how they're still in business.

bfee4fb5, 2010-09-23, 04:39PM CDT

I called the GNC at puente hill and asked the person (jane) to find a product for me. She was RUDE! And she even told me that they dont have the product. Later I went in the store only to realize that they did. I am upset.

b80e718f, 2013-03-20, 08:38PM CDT

I had returned part of my online order from to the Northgate store on 9th March, due to it's tampered opened state when I received it from the warehouse. Northgate did not have the item in their inventory, so they arranged an even exchange through online GNC to be delivered to my address. I contacted online GNC on 19th March for a shipping status and was advised that they do not have anything in their system to be shipped to me. I was also advised that I need to drive back to the store where the transaction was completed, due to not having access to Northgate's system and handle the issue in person.

I contacted Northgate GNC store on 20th March to get this transaction rectified and was advised that they were unable to assist me over the phone and it is necessary to bring the receipt that was given to me, to their store.

I am now going to return the rest of the items I initially ordered and demand a full refund due to the run around I have experienced. Prior to my visit to the Northgate store, I had made an attempt at a franchise store and was advised that I would need to make the return to a corporate store. I have wasted more in fuel than what I paid for shipping with driving all over town to get this conflict rectified.

This is just another example of why I do not have a Gold Card anymore, nor place very many orders with GNC and have taken my monthly supplement orders to (small independent)online competitors that seem to have a better grasp with processing and fulfillment.

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