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Posted on Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 at 11:27pm CDT by 520e318a

Company: Ashley Furniture Homestore

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This is a complaint about the Ashley furniture Homestore located at:

1601 South Hwy 77 Kingsville, TX 78363. In April of 2006 my wife and I

purchased a bedroom set (4 pieces of furniture) from this store. Upon

our initial inspection on delivery we didn't notice anything wrong (the

furniture is stained black so any nicks or problems would be very

obvious), but unfortunately we didn't look hard enough. The delivery

guys set the furniture in our room where we wanted it set up and

everything was good. Fast forward to February of 2007 when I have to

change duty station and move to North Carolina. On February 8th our

movers came and began moving us out. We had paid for full replacement

insurance so the movers were overly careful while moving our furniture

around. When they lifted our chest of drawers up (lifted straight up,

did not drag or otherwise move improperly) a five inch leg fell off. We

found it hard to believe that this piece would just fall off like that,

and sure enough the piece had actually been broken off before and glued

(very poorly) back on . It was also split (by a screw, with the screw

mark clearly visible) and re-stained to cover this up as well (done

after the break due to there still being stain inside the break). I

immediately took the broken leg to the store so that I could start to

get my chest of drawers replaced. I spoke with a lady named Lisa, who

agreed that the leg had been broken beforehand. She spoke to her manager

on the phone and then asked for my contact information. She told me that

normally they would just reorder the leg and mail it to me, but this

particular piece of furniture is all one piece so they would have to

replace the whole thing. I asked her if I should leave the chest or have

the movers take it, and she said to have them take it and that she would

contact me and we would get the situation worked out. She also mentioned

wanting to show the leg to her manager. I was going to be flying through

Corpus Christi the next week, so I told her she could keep it and I

would pick it up then. I left very satisfied thinking that this store

had excellent business practices. Boy was I wrong. I returned to the

store February 13th to retrieve the leg as promised. As soon as I walked

in I was treated poorly. The manager was there and when I asked for my

leg he told me that I needed to come back tomorrow because it was Lisa's

day off and he did not know where she put it. I told him that since I no

longer lived in the state that was not possible so he went back to

"looking" in his office. After about five minutes of him not doing a

very good job looking in the office (there's a big window that you can

see in), I asked him twice to call her but he said "she was off" so he

couldn't. After standing there waiting for another ten minutes or so he

finally had a secretary call her. She told him where the leg was (it had

fallen between a desk and the wall), and after I got it back I asked him

what the plans were to replace my furniture since I had not been

contacted yet. He told me that since movers were involved my warranty

was voided. I pointed out that it was delivered broken so it was still

on them to make good. This eventually turned into an arguing session,

and I admit I did raise my voice and use expletives. In my defense this

was only after he accused me of trying to scam him out of a new piece of

furniture, as well as saying if I would have left it in Kingsville

(contrary to what I was told) they could have sent their technician out

and maybe gotten this resolved. Needless to say I stormed out and

immediately filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Their

response to the complaint was that they determined that the furniture

was broken by myself or the movers and therefore they are not liable.

Also, he accused me of conduct unbecoming an officer, which is so

totally ridiculous I didn't even respond to that part of their letter to

the BBB. I have yet to hear back from them as of now, but I doubt the

BBB will be able to resolve this. All I want is a new chest of drawers

to replace the old one that they delivered to me broken. Sounds simple

to me. I plan to take this to small claims court if the BBB cannot help

us resolve this, but I am also making this story as public as possible

so that others don't make the same mistakes I did (or shop at the Ashley

Furniture Homestore in Kingsville, Texas).




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