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Dear Sir,

I am a holder of Indane Gas User Card, which has been registered at SRI VINAYAKA AGENCIES, 686, 30th Cross, Tilak Nagar, Bangalore-41

Their telephone that are given on their receipts are as follows: 080 26536294, 08026641029. 080 22441020, 080 26341020

I am facing a regular supply with this agency regarding the delivery of LPG Gas Cylinders to my house. My husband is crippled and bedridden from the past 23 days due to a cellulites problem on his right foot and as such he cannot go to the agency to rectify the problem and solve all outstanding complaints between both of us.

I am a working woman, and hold a 9-5 job and my husband and my two small children had to go without food and buy it from the outside eateries because we depended on the oral promises of the girl at the counter who promised to deliver the gas yesterday.

And, when I talked to her today morning and explained the gravity of the situation; she promised to get the LPG Cylinder delivered to my house within the next half-an-hour.

We are waiting from the past six hours for her to deliver the gas cylinder and the deliveryman has not turned up with the cylinder as I hold only one cylinder in my name.

The owner’s name holding the license to run the gas agency is Mrs. Geeta Satyavaan does not come on the line and leaves everything to her underlings to sort out the problems with the customers.

The receptionist manning the counter refuses to divulge her name; and she clearly admits over the phone to me her agency lacks the infrastructure to cater to the needs of their customers; and such being the case we request you to suggest as an alternative about an gas agency within the reach of our house who are more professional in getting their jobs done. She shouts down to her customers and we are left at her will and mercy. So, please write to us the ways and means by which she can help us in getting outr cylinder. If she is looking for any bribes then we are very sorry that we cannot afford to pay her any. Please clarify all these things and get things straightened for us once and for all with this agency.

If this is not possible for you then please tell us the way to transfer our cylinder to a competitive agency, which is more prompt in their dealings with the customers.

And, please admit your failure in bold on the website that your writ that does not run with your clients who hold the gas agencies and it is subordinated to their will; and therefore a customer has to kow-tow before the owner in order to get a gas cylinder.

Yours truly,



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