TLG HOMEPRT aka National Home Protection Alliance

Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2007 at 1:41pm CDT by 380d023a

Company: TLG HOMEPRT aka National Home Protection Alliance

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I unfortunately noticed on my VISA card that I was being billed $44.99/mo from TLG HOMEPRT. I have been billed for months! My wife thought that I had authorized this billing and visa verse. I tried to get in touch with via the toll free number on my statement and after an hour finally reached a customer representative. He stated that we authorized the automatic withdrawal by cashing a $10.00 Budget Rental Car rebate check and that by doing so we authorized TLG to provide their service which is National Home Protection Alliance?

I Googled TLG HOMEPRT to find that numerous others have complained about unauthorized charges from TLG. Charges on both credit and debit cards! It appears that the common denominator is travel and rebate checks.

I have cancelled their service and was provided a cancellation #. I addition, I wrote NHPA a letter requesting credit to my VISA for all the unauthorized monthly charges. The service representative provided the following:


P.O. Box 6100

Westerville, OH


Telephone # 1-800-514-6472

I will also take this up with Budget Car Rental as I'm furious that they are giving out my VISA number. Has anyone taken any similar action or had positive results?What a frigging scam. We'll see what happens with the cancellation and back credit.

Tim in Alaska


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ef800dd7, 2009-02-09, 09:01PM CST

Hi Tim, Julie here from Boston MA. Same thing happened to me with these clowns. They used my bank though and said I was offered something and signed up for it. I'm starting to smell a class action suit. Any others taken by this company fraudulently? Plus, I heard they don't pay their claims. I never signed up for this. Id like to get others and see if we can get a suit against them. Thanks, Julie Feb 2009

3ebab9ac, 2009-07-08, 06:25PM CDT

On November 12, 2009, we purchased a Home Warranty Contract with National Home Protection. Part of this contract read that their claims department would be available to take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Another part of this agreement was that we were to receive a $50.00 Home Depot gift card. On May 28, 2009, we discovered that they breached this contract as National Home Protection, Inc. is not available 24/7. There business is only available Monday-Friday 10 am to 5 pm EST. Further, we never received our $50.00 Home Depot gift card even after we sent in the Redemption Form that was required. On May 28, 2009, I contacted them requesting that we receive our annual fee of $387.50 plus the $50.00, or a total of $437.50. I have also made phone calls to them. As of this date, July 8, 2009, we have not received our money that we paid in good faith, nor have I received any response from them. Please help us. Thank you. Sharon M. Pace

9c15573f, 2010-02-16, 02:32PM CST

I had the same experience as you. This started as part of a Budget Car rental rebate check. My experience goes back to 2005. I was stupid in that I did not check my credit card statements closely enough. I called the 800 number and told them I wanted a credit or refund. The repr. told me to send a request in. I am sure that will be futile. I have searched the atty. general's web sites in Ct. and Ohio, but did not find any action taken. This is evidently a wide spread scam and I would like to find out if anyone else got any satisfaction. Thanks

John Zeiner, Bradenton, Fl.

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