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Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2007 at 6:07pm CDT by 1d96de0d

Company: P.R.S. company - hoodwink

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Dear Sir,

This is regarding a magazine distributor (P.R.S. - premier reader service) who hoodwinked me to buy their magazine without my interest.

I received a postcard from P.R.S. company (address: 6025 Sandy Springs Cir Ne # 318, Atlanta, GA 30328-3863) showing "we have good news!!"

There were a pin number (0653538153) and a phone number (1-888-279-9221).

I called that number and they asked for the PIN number right away.

The lady I was talking with told me that she would send me paper work for aggreement and choose magazines. However, there were few questions which included 'whether I am interested in 16 consecutie magazine subscriptions' that I had to answer over phone - I was asked to say 'yes' so they would send me the paper for the progress and get a 'free travel trip (+ hotel) to visit a place in US' Then she asked me credit card details - I remember she asked for intitial process which costs ~$3:00. I gave the details (she cheated me by not telling the whole process and how much in total I need to pay)

To my surprise, $58:24 was deducted from my account. They did this twice. I went for dispute - they put back the whole money. I cancelled my credit card. When I called them, they recorded only few things on which I say 'yes' (was asked to say yes) for the question if I understood the 16 subscriptions and payment - but not the whole details.

Now they sent me $116.48 as the due amount. I received 9 magazines in about 4 weeks.

Overphone, a guy said 'this system does not work like in India (my country)- if you don't pay we will send to 3rd party collection' etc. He bullied me over phone.

When I request them to close the account - they are asking me $337. I called and request them again and again. I asked for the name details - I got 'DOROTHI' and 'BAKER' - they say they don't give full names and don't have employee IDs.

They assigned me this account number: LL019466-2

gave the phone numbers: 1-800-251-8231 (extension: 2020 for Dorothi, and 2027 for Baker). When I asked for website address: they (Mr. Baker) gave 'www.premierreaderservice.com'

I am in mental trauma.

Please help me to get out of it and save my credit history.




University of Missouri- Columbia, MO. US.


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5cfa9302, 2007-10-25, 06:59PM CDT

I just got this postcard today, and it looked suspicious, so I googled the address on it and found this. Good thing I looked. hope you get it all figured out.

35e897a5, 2007-11-30, 10:53AM CST

I signed up for this. Then realized something was really fishy. The people I spoke to were talking ridiculously fast. There was shouting in the background. And they were not very clear about what was being sold to me for my FREE VACATION I JUST WON. I figured whatever. I would order the magazines, take the free vacation and just cancel the magazines if I don't like them. The "manager" I talked to told me I would just have to pay $40 bucks one time only for 60 months worth for 7 different magazines. I thought WOW, what a deal, PLUS A FREE VACATION. They also were claiming to be with Discover Card.

Did some research and came across this crap. I called next morning. They record bits and pieces of the conversation you had to make it sound like you agreed to something of which you really didnt (or perhaps did without knowing the full story). They told me they could not cancel and replayed the recording in which I agreed. I said promptly that the recording was altered and only recorded bits and pieces and. There was no vacation. There was only 40 bucks a month for the next 2 years out my ass to these idiots.

There is a machine in the background that asks you questions, but while it was asking me question the sales rep I talked to during the signup process was making sure to talk while the machine was going so I could not hear everything. They use software so the recording does not catch the sales rep talking over the machine voice asking you the questions.

After listening to all of this and being told I could not get out of it, because of what I agreed to I simply stated some threats. I said I know there is software out there that can tamper with records and only catch bits and pieces and edit out certain aspects. The lady over the phone said that they did not use such software. I said I didn't believe you. Then she said "but we just listened to the recording twice." Then I said that I did some research, found you guys are pulling shit out of your ass and there are forums and complaints all across google about the exact same situation I am, where the recordings were not full recordings, etc. Then I said I will not hesitate to take this to a dispute with Discover. She promptly said everything will be canceled.

I then called Discover to check if it was. Since the transaction was only a authorization and not a credit I would have to wait 5 days to see if it will be posted or not. I then made sure to get the id# and name of the discover agent I just called to verify this. I then recalled this PRS shit company, made sure I got a different representative and asked if my subscription was canceled. She said yes it was. I made sure to get her ID# and name as well.

In 5 days. I will find out if it really was or not. I believe it was, because usually a dollar or so is taken out of your credit line (in this case 3 bucks!!) for an authorization. When I went back and checked my credit line it went from 1275 to 1278, making me believe the authorization was dropped.

Make sure to be forward with them to get out of this. Make sure you tell them you know what is really going on. Make sure to act immediately and not half a year later or YOU WILL OWE THEM THE MONEY UP UNTIL THAT POINT.

The longer you wait, the more it will hurt you.

CAll 1-800-251-7834 for speak to a sales rep of P.R.S. Of course they will play the recording and haggle you, just make sure to be just as aggressive and make sure you tell them you know what is really going on.

a268d189, 2007-12-05, 10:27AM CST

I just got the postcard too! I'm glad I did research and found this. I would you all get this situated.

Good Luck

5a137952, 2007-12-05, 08:24PM CST

Wow, good thing i googled this one up. Good luck you guys trying to solve this problem.

8f925b74, 2007-12-18, 11:39AM CST

I also got a post card and phone calls from this P.R.S company...they told me I won a $1000 shopping spree, when I told them I didn't want the magazine subscriptions that came with is for only 3.95 per week, they put me on hold for about ten min, when I called back they put me on hold again, then i called back AGAIN (too much free time at work) and they just HUNG UP ON ME....DAMN SCAMMERS....BEWARE...I plan to call again and get some more info on who the heck they are!

46a398aa, 2007-12-29, 03:00PM CST

Karthik get a lawyer. if you can't aford one find out about your city's public legal Aid which is usually low cost or free.

I also got this postcard today and decided to look it up. I am tempted to call them just to tell them they are crooks.

6abe57bf, 2008-01-07, 05:33PM CST

Thank you for posting this.

I got the postcard in the mail and thought it was related to a random phonecall from a woman who didn't leave her name, said she missed me, had bad news and I should call her back.

It sounded like a phone charge scam someone told me about and this seemed fishy too. I searched the address and found this.

I hope everything worked out. Thank you for posting.

b13a1748, 2008-01-18, 02:45PM CST

I got the same thing and I too am glad I googled it. There are all kinds of scams out there. The one rule to stick by is if you didn't ask for it then don't give it! Also, if the company doesn't give their actual name or say why they are contacting you (we have good news? they would say what it is!) that's a clear red flag.

4aaa7acf, 2008-01-29, 04:58PM CST

I just want to thank you all for posting this. I received the same postcard today in the mail. I figured something was shady so i decided to google the name and address.Im glad i didn't call back, they need to be reported!

I hope everything works out for the people who were scammed... Good Luck!

Thank You

477fe995, 2008-02-19, 05:28PM CST

I know exactly what you all mean! Thank goodness I googled the address on the post card before I called! Thank you!

1d66af84, 2008-04-03, 01:47PM CDT

Dear Kathik,

PRS magazine is indeed a professional scam. I am going through the same situation with you. I reported this to the Federal Trade Commission but that doesn't stop PRS from sending me magazines and is still billing me, even if I already returned all their magazines through certified mail. They send me 2 magazines a month for 39.88 a month. I told them I don't want anything from their company. Today, I went to my bank institution to ask for help they advice me to fill up a dispute form for the amount PRS was able to get from my account and told me to ask help from the law students at George Mason University. I am hoping this is going to stop but I guess until we make legal actions PRS will continue to victimize people.

From: Claire

6712e142, 2008-04-29, 08:07AM CDT

Contact all the magazines with this information. You can reach out to their Customer Service depts but also ask to talk to the Consumer Marketing Directors or Circulation group. Their info is listed in the masthead of the magazines (here's what it looks like http://media.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/edit/masthead_022107.gif)

They will not be happpy with this practice and will help you.

106f1acd, 2008-04-30, 12:35PM CDT

Unfortunately for me I didn't research this and ended up paying for it and everything so I am rather upset at that and wish I had gone ahead and done the research ahead of time!!

1597f6fd, 2008-07-02, 01:42PM CDT

So i'm not the only one? they harass me everyday for the 40.00 they try t take off my card. I cancelled the card so they wouldn't be able to scam me. The customer sevice is very rude! I never rec'd the $1000 gift card or the !magazines. There must be something we can all do...there is another website about PRS as well... Buyers beware this is the number they will call from....




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